fashion focus: szavay in simple white


Hungarian qualifier Agnes Szavay looked amazing as she retired with a back injury at the fashion-forward Pilot Pen final. Congrats to her on almost winning the Tier II — it would’ve been a first for a qualifier.

All week she’s been wearing a label-less white sleeveless tank (left) and pleated skirt. She mixed it up at the final, donning a halter with a metal clip accent at the bust (middle).

Does anyone know who makes her clothes?

Also, on the right is a closer look at Svetlana‘s most current Fila outfit (which we pointed out last week). We really love the stripes!


3 Responses to “fashion focus: szavay in simple white”

  1. LAca Says:

    Marta Makany, who is a Hungarian designer. Custom made for Aggie.

  2. John Says:

    Best dress at the U.S. Open, hands down.

  3. Fruzsi Says:

    good to see that you like them. I am hungarian and we love Ági and her clothes too:)

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