trophy watch: more u.s. open series crystal


Trophy watch: The Pilot Pen tournament in New Haven doled out these cups to winners James Blake (7-5, 6-4 over Mardy Fish) and Svetlana Kuznetsova (who won when Hungarian qualifier Agnes Szavay retired at 6-4, 0-3).

Really, another ho hum trophy? Surely you could have found some other shape to sculpt. Why don’t you start here (or maybe here) for inspiration.

p.s. that’s a nice bracelet on James.

(photos via AP)


2 Responses to “trophy watch: more u.s. open series crystal”

  1. Joshua Says:

    This has nothing to do with trophies and everything to do with Sveta. She’s honestly one of my favorite players. And I still insist that considering her status as the 2004 US Open champion and 2006 French runner-up and her persistence in holding onto a top five spot while everyone else (Henin and Sharapova aside) slide up and down the rankings like kids in a playground, that she’s a serious threat to win every tournament she’s in. I’m not making any predictions (she has by far the easiest quarter of the draw though so I suspect she’ll make it to the semis) but that’s how I feel about her. If she gets her game together she can beat anyone on tour on any day.

    But she’s gotta be a bit depressed about her chances this year! She played in New Haven largely to give herself more matchplay before New York. She, like Henin, took a lot of time off after Wimbledon and then flamed out early in Toronto, so she was hoping not only to pick up an easy title but, at least as important, to clean some of the rust of her game.

    Now she’s got her elusive title this year, and yet. She only played four matches and THREE of her opponents IN A ROW retired. And Szazay, a major rising star I think, was up a set and 3-0 when she called it quits.

    I feel bad for Svetlana. Instead of coming out of New Haven full of the confidence that comes with even a minor tournament victory, she’s got to be thinking: can I beat anyone who is healthy enough to play a whole fucking match?

  2. lusty Says:

    I so luv Mardy Fish! He’s one handsome man and very sexy too, I wish I was his wife!

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