fashion focus: roger’s nike bag?


I’ve heard through the grapevine that this bag above is what Roger Federer‘s using to lug around all his tennis goods for the 2007 U.S. Open. (I haven’t seen it in person… can anyone confirm?)

The black bag (with a blue swoosh) is similar to the what R-Fed used at Wimbledon. Great colorway, but I would have preferred it in a matte finish.

What do you think of the bag? Tell us!

(photo via Midwest Sports)

>> roger’s u.s. open shoes: a closer look
>> roger’s wimbledon outfit


29 Responses to “fashion focus: roger’s nike bag?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Surprise, surprise . . . Federer showing up at an event with women’s accessories!

    I still prefer his dominatrix bag to all those completely disgusting blazers he wears.

  2. Meg Says:

    i think nike’s taking it a bit too far with the roger bag…

  3. Marija Says:

    It’s way too feminine! Horrible.

  4. Natasha Spychick Says:

    I think maybe they mixed up Roger and Mirka’s bags…

  5. butter Says:

    hahaha….this is supposed to be for Maria, it’s way too girly with the patent leather.

  6. Erwin Says:

    Maria’s Prince bag is just as black and shiny!

  7. Craig Hickman Says:

    Raja loves him some purses.

  8. maddawg Says:

    the one he uses is not super shiny on the side.

  9. Cheese Whiz Says:

    Sure he has a paddle and some leather cuffs in that bag, but we need to discuss the SOCKS. Holy mother of sock garters, what the hell was he thinking?

  10. jimmy changa Says:

    Oh its alrite but what is the price of this very ermm… good looking thing

    I wuold buy it if is in my asking price of between £0.01 and£10 plz can u make the price low low low
    Lots of love for nike from
    MR.JIMMY CHANGA x x x x x x x xx x xx xx x x x x x xx xx x x x

    Come again

  11. mohammed forgasak Says:

    ths bag is wkced i lvoe it i wuod pay ayting fro ths nd roger ummmmm…… his is lvoeli i lvoe he sytle he is wkced to cloo cloo it wuod ft al me tnhings in it nd wuod cmoe in vrey uesful. for he ths bag wuod be bliraint. frm wer i cmoe frm i cuodl cyarr ths bag aounrd al day….

    lvoe the bag tahnxks atol nike

    frm Mohammed Forgasak

  12. bob Says:

    hi i think this bag is great i would buy it if it was under 40£ nike please tell us the price

  13. Hindiana Jones Says:

    This bag is sik plz nike cant you give us the price because it would be very nice and maybe some of us people can buy it.

    can i shout out to jimmy who will always be in my heartxxx

    peace out to nike

  14. jimmy changa Says:

    craig is a noob on COD4

  15. KAM Says:


  16. lorna Says:

    i hate that bag it is minging

  17. chicken Says:


  18. Ronnie Schaumbad Says:

    This bag is aload of tosh, remove it from the market urgently please.

  19. sum ting wong Says:

    there is sum ting wong with this bag. crap because it is not made from my home country of china…CRAP

  20. Phuka me Phuka yu Says:

    yatozor sushi fish . In my country we can bnot afford such nicities but if i can trade you a box of rice noodles and some sushi fish we3 have a deal. one love to Hindiana and Jimmy. xxxxxx xxxxxx

  21. Noh Pah King Says:

    Conishiwah, Phuka me Phuka yu, Hindiana and Jimmy xxxx

  22. MI 5 Says:

    we have been watching these comments and we have tracked down your location and were coming for you so pack your bags

  23. Tickle Me Pickle Says:

    Conishiwa Jimmy

  24. Jimmy Changa Says:

    Thankyou mr Phuk but i do believe that Sum ting wong needs to shut his trap and go and make some shoes for 5 dollars you chinese piece of S***

  25. Phat Dong, Fast Friendly Service Says:

    Fills you up everytime, Always satisfying, Fast Friendly Service

  26. Xbox Says:

    Xbox, aint no party like an xbox party…gunna show you how

  27. Ritchie Perkins Says:

    IM a gay NOOB!!! oh what is a noob?

  28. viana Says:

    cute bag..

  29. Hindiana Jones Says:

    Ritchie Perkins if you have to ask you dont want to know,k pal. Peace Jimmy NNG all day. xxx

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