adidas making me yawn


So far I haven’t done 2007 U.S. Open coverage of players from the adidas stud ranch — aka Novak Djokovic, Mikhail Youzhny, and Marat Safin — mostly because I have nothing to write about (fashion-wise, at least).

Their tennis might be speaking volumes (congrats to Marat for surviving his first-round opponent, summer sensation Frank Dancevic), but their clothes aren’t that great.

adidas fashion stays conservative as Nole wears the Summer YOC Theme Polo (in the white/orange/navy blue colorway), Mikhail wears the Competition 3 Polo, and Safin wears the Competition 3 Crew in gold.

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4 Responses to “adidas making me yawn”

  1. Jon Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s disappointing, as I love adidas stuff normally. (Anna K always looked good, but how could she not?)

    Djoke’s shirt especially, it annoys my eyes. It seems the wrong kind of retro with those designs. I wonder if it could at all distract an opponent.

  2. butter Says:


  3. illusionclothing Says:

    I so agree!

  4. rdestiny Says:

    I didn’t like the fact that a couple of players seemed like they were wearing the same outfit just different colors. I think Adidas should have made an effort to bring out their individual personalities.

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