fashion focus: maria kirilenko in stella mccartney


Unseeded Russian Maria Kirilenko impressed us with her 6-3, 6-1 win over Martina Muller in a first round match at yesterday’s U.S. Open.

She wore the Dark Bronco (that’s “chocolate”) tennis dress from the adidas by Stella McCartney Fall/Winter ’07 collection — a much better choice than her 2007 white Wimbledon dress, the fabric of which was gathering awkwardly at her hip with every lunge.

The dress has lace detail on the straps and along the collar. Kirilenko paired it with a Bronco (that’s “light brown”) visor and pearl earrings.

Buy: $120 from


8 Responses to “fashion focus: maria kirilenko in stella mccartney”

  1. Marija Says:

    Her style is unique, and I would chose her as the best-looking women’s tennis player. What do you think?

  2. Erwin Says:

    Certainly the most elegant.

  3. maddawg Says:

    seems like the dresses are custom made for her body type- Lovely.

  4. rafael Says:

    she is so hot and classy! she should be tennis glamour girl instead of sharapova!

  5. butter Says:

    very American Eagle-ish

  6. Erwin Says:

    oh snap! stella will have you rubbed out if she reads that

  7. hotchick Says:

    she looks so good!!!!!!! i love this outfit. she would be more popular with modeling deals if she won a grand slam.

  8. Navihod Says:

    Marija, I DO agree with you! You’re a 100% per cent true!!!

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