on day three: EleVen, part two


Tennis fashion grande dame Venus Williams showed another outfit from EleVen, her clothing collaboration with retailer Steve & Barry’s.

She wore this white and periwinkle number for her second-round U.S. Open match against Ioana Raluca Olaru of Romania, who she easily beat 6-4, 6-2. The short shorts — reminiscent of her Wimbledon outfit — didn’t quite have the same oomph as her first round dress.

But we like the top with the poofy sleeves, and we love that she’s forged out on her own to design this line.

What do you think of Venus’ Day Three look? Tell us!


7 Responses to “on day three: EleVen, part two”

  1. rafael Says:

    venus looked very good! she has a much better style than serena

  2. olivia Says:

    I know Venus has great legs but those shorts are crazy … verging on tacky

  3. tonggik Says:

    maybe if she paired that shorts with a spaghetti strap tank, also like win wimbledon, it would have looked grand. still looks good though.

  4. Jon Says:

    Yeah, the shorts are a lil’ much, but if they went much lower, they’d look rather matronly with that top. She’s not Maya Angelou. She pulls it off.

    The pouty photo at right is funny.

  5. Jon Says:

    …And I miss Serena’s Puma days like whoa.

  6. rdestiny Says:

    Tacky? I don’t think so. These shorts look great on her. She’s very young and amazingly fit. There’s no better time for her to wear her hot pants.

  7. kaylyn Says:

    Im want ittt.
    How do I get it?

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