fashion: peeling bethanie mattek’s layers


Like with an onion, I’m crying as I peel off the layers of Bethanie Mattek‘s gold U.S. Open outfit by Bebe Sport. The pictures I’d posted a few days ago didn’t show the mesh detail on the torso.


(photo via AYA?)


6 Responses to “fashion: peeling bethanie mattek’s layers”

  1. Marija Says:

    OMG, she may have caused US Open to be forbidden to be broadcast in certain countries. And I can’t help but repeat what you said: “Jesus.”

  2. denise Says:

    Are these really off-the-rack Bebe Sport? Who the hell do they think will wear this???????????

  3. Rachel Says:

    That is the uglies f-ing outfit i have ever seen on a tennis court.

  4. holly Says:

    it’s not off-the-rack. it was designed for her, duh, shock value

  5. gerry Says:

    i love her outfits….im watchin womens tennis 4 her!!!

  6. viana Says:

    OMG… she was wearing is not suitable for playing tennis

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