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dispatches from the grounds: U.S. Open, week 1

September 2, 2007


It’s been a great first week at the 2007 U.S Open, lots of big upsets, lots of five-set showdowns, and lots of exposure to new talent. However, lets stay away from scorelines for a post, and talk about some off-court stuff…

  1. Dick Enberg
  2. Honestly, CBS — can you really expect viewers to respond to a guy who’s 60 years older than some of the players? Dick Enberg should move to Jamaica (maybe with Bud Collins) and leave the Ana Ivanovic match-commenting to the others.

  3. Water
  4. Those who attend the Open know that the big-wig tournament directors are assholes; they’ve been charging $3.75 for the cheapest beverage on the grounds — a bottle of Evian Water. A bottle of Snapple is $4.75 on the grounds, and a small Italian Ice is $5.00. Give us some vending machines!

  5. Serbia Pride
  6. Although Ana Ivanovic lost to Venusaurus Rex, Jelena Jankovic and Novak Djokovic are keeping the dream alive for Serbians around the world. It’s funny how one country can get so much hype from two people.

  7. Richard Williams
  8. Papa Williams got some publicity after he said Venus was going to win Wimbledon and she did. He has yet to make any predictions for his daughters for the Open. I’m sure this bodes well for Justine Henin and the other serious contenders (no one else, really).

  9. Nike
  10. I know it happends all the time, but can’t Nike give a few variant colorways of their shirts to players? Yesterday James Blake and Stefan Koubek were wearing basically the exact same thing. Nike was saved by the fact that James Blake is sorta black and the other guy was really white.

TSF contributor JNP is in New York reporting from the U.S. Open trenches. He’s been checking in with us everyday. Read his previous posts here.


lazy sunday

September 2, 2007

Man it is HOT here in Los Angeles. Thankfully I had lots of tennis to keep me indoors…

Ball bounce: Here are some CBS Sports stats from today’s Venus/Ivanovic match: average number of times Venus bounces the ball before a serve = a little over three times. Ivanovic = a little over nine. (And of course, Bartoli doesn’t bounce the ball at all, and Isner bounces the ball between his legs).

Beyond the Baseline: A “Beyond the Baseline” segment from CBS had Federer commenting on his GOAT status. He said we’d be better off if no one person was given this distinction. He’d be happy enough just to have his name among the greats. Good answer.

From the New York Times: The chair ump told Serena she couldn’t read notes during changeovers (even though rules allow it). And this quip from Novak Djokovic after his marathon five-setter against Radek Stepanek: “‘I am totally exhausted; no energy… I smell my shoes — they are so stinky.”

(OT) Fanning the flames: I caught a glimpse of the new Chanel boutique on Rodeo earlier today (I went suit shopping with my friend Alexis).

The store recently opened after a ten-month redesign by architect Peter Marino. Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, has travelled to L.A. for the store’s grand re-opening, and Genlux magazine got a chance to ask Karl his thoughts about the City of Angels. He is amazing.

On swimming pools: “I don’t think L.A. people realize how deprived people in other cities are of pools.”

On hiking: He doesn’t. “I like to walk city streets. Hiking trails are not good with Dior Homme jackets, yes? I wouldn’t know what to wear on a hike.”

On his travel wardrobe: “My look does not change. I don’t have ‘casual’ and ‘evening’. I don’t believe in that.”

On what New York has that L.A. lacks: “Theater, delis that are walkable, and the occasional rainy day — it’s good for the soul.”

for the shirtless file: tipsarevic in fila

September 2, 2007

Janko Tipsarevic retired in the third set of his second-round match against Rafael Nadal. He’s been troubled by a rib muscle injury in the last few weeks and it came to a head at the Open.

The Fila-clad Serbian got some on-court treatment before deciding to end the match.

(photos by Getty Images)

>> tattoo (and piercings) watch: janko tipsarevic

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