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DVR-ing the Open

September 3, 2007

If, like me, you’re trying to catch as much tennis action from the U.S. Open as you can, I hope that you have joined the DVR age (and I hope, for your sake, that it’s not TiVo, with all its cutesy sound effects and its attempts to predict what you’ll like).

Pre-DVR, I spent far too many late Augusts whiling away the day into the night in front of the TV. I muted the commercials and pretended to be getting something done during those three-to-five minute lulls. (Sure, I taped many matches on VCR, but the longer you recorded, the worse the playback quality, and so ultimately that route just wasn’t meant to be.) These days, life during the Open has become blissfully controllable and streamlined, and not a moment too soon: is it just me, or are the commercial breaks getting a little more dense, and a little more frequent every year?

Here are a few great revelations that have sprung from the use of a DVR:

  • You needn’t watch every point of a match.
  • Watching for the next appropriate stopping point at 300x speed hones your vision.
  • Commercials. No, but thank you.
  • You can halve (or even third) your overall viewing time.

For seamless DVR viewing — in which you’ll be able to fast forward through not only commercials, but also promos, mini-drama biopics, and pre-match interviews — here’s a good rule of thumb: allow a lead time of 45 minutes to one hour if you’re watching USA Network coverage. Allow three hours if it’s on CBS.

Michael Shaw is currently following the Open from his couch on the West Coast.

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JNP’s photos from the open: althea gibson

September 3, 2007

A crew installs the tribute to tennis great Althea Gibson at the Billie Jean King USTA National Tennis Center.

TSF contributor JNP is in New York reporting from the U.S. Open trenches. He’s been checking in with us everyday. Read his previous posts here.

fashion focus: kuznetsova in fila

September 3, 2007

Svetlana Kuznetsova is still in contention for the 2007 U.S. Open (she just made it to the quarters after beating Azarenka).

For the last Grand Slam of the year, the Russian leaves the cornrows at home (thank god!) and wears pieces from Fila‘s latest women’s Collezione.

We love the solid red tank (broken up by white and blue curves). And she pairs it with a very cute (and revealing) white skirt.

What do you think of the look? Tell us!

(photos by Getty Images)

taking issue with nike’s standard issue

September 3, 2007

Another reader chimes in as the Nike men’s fashion disaster comes to a head. There are so many complaints from fans about the company’s Fall Global Power line appearing on nearly every single player at this year’s U.S. Open. Maybe they wouldn’t mind so much if the design actually looked good.

Feliciano Lopez and Donald Young wore the same out fit to the party. I kept hoping for a Dynasty-esque fight, Feli as Krystle, Donald as Alexis. Courier would have found it FABULOUS.

Then, later in the day, BlakeKoubek tried for the same dynamic. Neither of them managed to rock the sleeveless shirt look. The novelty was gone. And James needs to wear better fitting shorts. There is more material in one of the legs of his shorts than Serena‘s entire dress. No wonder he looks like a stork.”

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short balls: u.s. open edition

September 3, 2007

The kids are alright: We’re happy to know that the junior tennis players are cultivating their clothing style as much as their playing style. Australian Stephen Donald leads the pack. (via DTL)

What about Tim: Was there ever really a good time to announce Tim Henman‘s retirement? The Times points out that NYT barely mentions the news.

Players’ lounge sightings: Nole loves him some foosball (TNYO)

Ana’s new lover?: Deadspin comments on Darren Rovell‘s obsession with Ana Ivanovic.

JNP was right: There’s a reason why Richard Williams has kept mum about his predictions so far — he’s not happy with Venus‘ play this week.

Sound bites: Richard Dietsch compiled some good press conference quotes from Week One, and Marat‘s was the best.

“At age 17 I had nothing planned, no cash, my sponsor dropped me and nobody wanted to help me in the [Russian] Federation because it was difficult times. The last source was my mother. She gave me $500 and said, ‘You have luck or you don’t have luck. This is your last hope. Take the $500 and go to the French Open and try to look for some money.’ This is tough situation. So sitting here and asking about speculation about how many Grand Slam I should have won, it’s a little bit funny.”

(photo via Yahoo! Sports)

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piercings watch: stefan koubek

September 3, 2007

TSF already knows that Stefan Koubek has a pretty awesome back tattoo. Now we can also add a belly button piercing to his list.

(Maybe that’s how Nike wanted us to tell him apart from Blake?)

DTL noticed it at the third round battle between the Austrian and the American at this year’s U.S. Open. Koubek lost 4-6, 6-3, 6-7 (5-7), 1-6.

(photos by Getty Images)

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