short balls: u.s. open edition


The kids are alright: We’re happy to know that the junior tennis players are cultivating their clothing style as much as their playing style. Australian Stephen Donald leads the pack. (via DTL)

What about Tim: Was there ever really a good time to announce Tim Henman‘s retirement? The Times points out that NYT barely mentions the news.

Players’ lounge sightings: Nole loves him some foosball (TNYO)

Ana’s new lover?: Deadspin comments on Darren Rovell‘s obsession with Ana Ivanovic.

JNP was right: There’s a reason why Richard Williams has kept mum about his predictions so far — he’s not happy with Venus‘ play this week.

Sound bites: Richard Dietsch compiled some good press conference quotes from Week One, and Marat‘s was the best.

“At age 17 I had nothing planned, no cash, my sponsor dropped me and nobody wanted to help me in the [Russian] Federation because it was difficult times. The last source was my mother. She gave me $500 and said, ‘You have luck or you don’t have luck. This is your last hope. Take the $500 and go to the French Open and try to look for some money.’ This is tough situation. So sitting here and asking about speculation about how many Grand Slam I should have won, it’s a little bit funny.”

(photo via Yahoo! Sports)

>> TSF’s u.s. open coverage continues…


One Response to “short balls: u.s. open edition”

  1. Nez Says:

    i am such a huge fan of ivanovic that it was realy disappointing to see her lose to venus. ivanovic has so much going for her atm i cant help but think she gets nervous playing williams. she wastn serving too well and wasnt getting herself into the rallies and letting williams dictate on most points. shes still young i guess and good luck wishes to her for the rest of the tournament…

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