taking issue with nike’s standard issue


Another reader chimes in as the Nike men’s fashion disaster comes to a head. There are so many complaints from fans about the company’s Fall Global Power line appearing on nearly every single player at this year’s U.S. Open. Maybe they wouldn’t mind so much if the design actually looked good.

Feliciano Lopez and Donald Young wore the same out fit to the party. I kept hoping for a Dynasty-esque fight, Feli as Krystle, Donald as Alexis. Courier would have found it FABULOUS.

Then, later in the day, BlakeKoubek tried for the same dynamic. Neither of them managed to rock the sleeveless shirt look. The novelty was gone. And James needs to wear better fitting shorts. There is more material in one of the legs of his shorts than Serena‘s entire dress. No wonder he looks like a stork.”

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2 Responses to “taking issue with nike’s standard issue”

  1. Nez Says:

    yeh i agree with blakes shorts… baggy is ok but maybe too baggy in his case?

  2. Craig Hickman Says:

    A stork?


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