short balls: mardy’s fans, prince nabs isner, and other u.s. open bits


We all don’t have our J-Blocks: Here’s fun story of how a college student became part of Mardy Fish‘s cheering section (“Mardy’s Party”?) at the 2003 U.S. Open.

Center Court muzak: Nole Djokovic enjoyed yet another perk of playing the main stage at the U.S. Open. (TNYO)

Sightings: Celebrities might have sheets with threadcounts larger in number than your weekly paycheck, but they love tennis as much as you do. In the past week, Michael Musto interviewed folks about fashion, Gavin Rossdale sat next to Mirka during the FedererIsner match, while Collin Farrell, Martha Stewart, Newt Gingrich, and the fashionistas from night one all took in some matches.

Prince holds court: Racquet maker Prince announced its addition of John Isner to their stable of players. While this move is a boost for the company (and sales numbers this year are their highest for the decade), Darren Rovell points out that “the very top players who don’t currently use the racket are scared to switch” and they can’t fake their endorsement (i.e., by stencilling Prince’s logo on another brand’s strings) because the O3‘s structure is unique.

Party like it’s fashion week: The annual Hall of Fame Legends Ball holds its own at Cipriani on September 7 (right in the middle of fashion week). Along with toasting this year’s inductees, they’ll also honor Andre Agassi with the Eugene L. Scott Award. (Tennis Week)

(photo via Hansen Report)


2 Responses to “short balls: mardy’s fans, prince nabs isner, and other u.s. open bits”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Apparently I have to comment on every post these days!

    This was a fun (if slightly cynicalizing) story. But, as per your “Mardy’s Party” comment, I thought I’d let you know that Mardy’s fans (real or manufactured) go by the monker “The Fish Tank.” When he played Blake in New Haven it was very funny when the cameras panned to the crowd where Blake’s obnoxious and nauseating J-Block was stationed next to Mardy’s charming and homespun little group of fans with a hand-made banner.

  2. Erwin Says:

    It drives me insane when people in the crowd start calling James “J-Block”. C’mon, people. J-Block refers to his crew, not him!

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