short balls: friday edition


Nike jumps in: Phenom John Isner has tacked on Nike to his list of endorsements. CNBC’s Darren Rovell had previously reported that Prince signed Isner on to provide his gear.

In the city that never sleeps…: After upsetting Rafael Nadal in the quarters, David Ferrer downed a Big Mac. I highly doubt that it was the only place open at 4 a.m. but hey, we won’t judge. He bounced right back with a win over Chela. Meanwhile, Andy Roddick gets the runs after a fast food experience. Spaniards are built differently, I guess… (

Matches that go into the night: Players, fans, tournament directors, TV honchos — everyone has a stake in whether matches at the Open should stretch far into the night (e.g., Nadal-Ferrer ended at 1:50 a.m.). Some people are for it, some against. What’s your take? (IHT)

The state of the union: The Sun-Sentinel‘s Charles Bricker does a quick update on American men’s tennis.

Sharapova nurses loss (and shoulder) at Fed Cup: Maria Sharapova will be practicing with (and cheering on) the Russian Fed Cup team when they play Italy in the Fed Cup finals in mid-September. The tie will take place in Moscow. (Reuters)

Geek out: IBM, who supports, has put new infrastructure in place to reduce the site’s operating costs by 23%. (via Computerworld)


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