separated at birth: r-fed and liza


From today’s U.S. Open men’s final:

On the right is Roger Federer clad in all-black Nike as he goes against Serbian Novak Djokovic. On the left, Liza Minnelli performs God Bless America to open the match. Only she could pull off singing that song in a seductive pose. Are we in a cabaret?


5 Responses to “separated at birth: r-fed and liza”

  1. maliha11 Says:

    lols thats hilarious 🙂

  2. butter Says:

    ahahaha…so true!

  3. TD1986 Says:

    HAHAHAHA that’s brilliant!

  4. Deisi Says:

    OMG this picture makes me laugh! 😆

  5. dance-a-vic Says:

    “You got to Hit Them Balls, you got to Hit Them Balls! You got to make em sing and really Hit Them Balls!”

    Go Roger with a G.

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