henin channels her inner rafa


….when she should have been channeling her inner Roger.

Get her a stylist!: Someone needs to tell Justine Henin that capri pants and sneakers are no-nos for U.S. Open trophy photo opps. Who does she think she is, Rafa Nadal?

Meanwhile, R-Fed looked good posing outside Times Square. We could’ve done without the barricades, but whatevs…


6 Responses to “henin channels her inner rafa”

  1. emily Says:

    I’m glad Roger wised up and showed up in something nice. I can’t believe he wore the all-black to the final. At least he admitted in the post-match interview that he didn’t really like the black socks/sneakers.

  2. Nez Says:

    shame on henin for rockin up in what she did… saying how winning the us open this year as one of the sweetest in her career… shudve been a bit more serious with her presentation. henin shud take a page out of feds presentation examples

  3. butter Says:

    lookin like a real tourist

  4. kenneth Says:

    Who’s the dude on the right?

  5. R2D2 Says:

    Who’s the fag on the left?

  6. Jon Says:

    Well, her legs look massive – but ugh.

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