davenport returns


TSF is happy to see Lindsay Davenport back on the court after giving birth to son Jagger (and Peter Bodo‘s on the same boat).

FYI: Lindsay made her doubles return with Lisa Raymond in last month’s Pilot Pen tournament in New Haven (but lost in the first round the top-seeded team of Huber and Black).

This time around — in her first singles tourney back from maternity leave — she opened with an easy 6-2, 6-2 win over Eleni Daniilidou at the Commonwealth Bank Classic in Bali. She’s also partnered with Slovakian Dani Hantuchova for the doubles draw.

She’s wearing the Nike Women’s Fall ’07 Power Tank in black. Die cut holes (backed with Dri-FIT fabric) accent the cute empire waist on this top.

What do you think of Lindsay’s tank? Are you glad to see her back on tour? Tell us!

Buy: $50 at Midwest Sports.

(photos via Getty Images)


6 Responses to “davenport returns”

  1. chris Says:

    like the tank … just hope she doesn’t *tank* herself … looks like she’ll get her first test pretty quickly and will be playing Jankovic soon.

  2. Nez Says:

    a jankovic/davenport match will be a great test for her. pity they cannot meet later in the tournament. im a big fan of both but i think this time ill be behind davenport… we shall see
    great to see her back 🙂

  3. ryan Says:

    Her scores in her first two matches in Bali would indicate that she is in good form. Maybe not good enough to be back among the top players, but we’ll see. If nothing else, maybe she will hover around the Hingis comeback mark. I agree with Nez, it is great to see her back. And great to see women having babies and still coming back to compete.

  4. Jon Says:

    She can make Top 10 again at least. She’s just one of the Top 5 pure strikers of the ball ever probably. It’s just so great to see her back, and after the Jagger layoff. Good job, ma.

  5. george Says:

    i love lindsey. you go girl!

  6. Mark Says:

    Yes, I am thrilled to Lindsay back and playing. She is still young and extremely talented, might as well keep playing a bit longer. She can afford some day care help with Jagger, working moms all over do it everyday.

    I am just glad to see class back in the women’s game. Unfortunately, the egos, parental coaching, and poor sports get all of the attention. It is time to put some attention where it is due such as on true quality players like Lindsay!!

    Godspeed Lindsay!!

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