photos: tommy robredo practices in beijing


What would this blog be without gratuitous shirtless shots of our favorite ATPers?

Here’s 2007 China Open finalist Tommy Robredo practicing before some of his matches in Beijing last week.

>> robredo disrobes for cosmo uk
>> TSF’s shirtless archive


5 Responses to “photos: tommy robredo practices in beijing”

  1. MAGNUS Says:

    Is Tommy wearinf NIKE shoes???????????? TSK TSK

  2. Erwin Says:

    fyi, Magnus’ eagle eye caught that Mr. Robredo is NOT wearing Sergio Tacchini

  3. Terry Says:

    This is slightly off topic but after seeing Robredo in the Cosmo pics I have come to realize he has a really nice body and that got me to thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to have a tier 1 tournament sponsored by Speedo where players could only wear socks, shoes, sweetbands and a speedo! Imagine Roger, Rafa, Nole, Safin, Haas, Roddick, Isner all running around in a tiny speedo…that could set an attendence record 🙂

  4. MAGNUS Says:

    hey Erwin, sergio tachinni has never made cool looking shoes…these were too good to be true! hehe So FIla or NIKE for TOMMY???

  5. rrr Says:

    tommy is the best in the world! has everything :is good at playing nice … funny! vamos tommy six dell’atp the best!

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