whatever happened to… monica seles?


Monica Seles played an exhibition match against Martina Navratilova in the final weekend of the ATP BCR Open Romania in Bucharest.

Did anyone else think that 33-year-old Seles looked significantly older than the 51-year-old Navratilova?


UPDATE: According to monica-seles.com, Seles beat Navratilova 3-6, 6-3, 10-7.

The duo had also played an exo in New Orleans three days earlier.

>> aipt: monica seles at the 2007 u.s. open
>> TSF’s monica seles archive

12 Responses to “whatever happened to… monica seles?”

  1. freeverse Says:

    yup.monica seles is looking waay older than martina, who still looks…well..young.

  2. David Says:

    Monica actually is a pretty girl, however the pick the most unflatering picture and throw it up on here for people to comment on!

  3. Joshua Says:

    I agree with David. At the US Open, Monica looked really beautiful. Yes, she looks like a woman in her thirties — but you have to admit that Martina has the kind of face that ONLY looks good on an older woman.

    And why don’t you tell us who won the exhibition?

  4. Jon Says:

    I agree with David and Joshua. I hate this pic and that it appears here. Yes, it’s fair game as it was snapped, but she looks sickly and normally doesn’t appear like this. You could put up an awful picture of just about anyone if you tried.

    Martina looks like a Hogwarts professor. And she should; she’s in her 50s.

    Exactly – who won?

  5. Erwin Says:

    I’ll track down the results… Probably on the boards somewhere…

  6. Jon Says:

    Frankly, Seles looks fit.

  7. MAGNUS Says:

    Well MArtina sure has gone a long ways from being butchy/bitchy to friendly with Seles, if memory serves me correctly she was a hater for the grunting….
    all for a good cause…..

    Seles does look old and wrinkly….. miss the good old days …. but if loosing a lot of weight can get her from hurting her foot …than all the best….i have never seen her this thin…..since early 90’s…. shes more at peace I hope!

    besides, this has to be the best Yonex outfit I have seen PERIOD. The others look like they splashed by paint at a home depot spill. It’s not cuz Monica is wearing it…it’s just a great look.

  8. Mariska Says:

    This entire post was kind of a cheap shot at Monica, don’t you think? Yes that picture is startlingly gross, but–it’s a split-second shot of the middle of a tennis match, and she’s concentrating hard and swinging the racket with all her might. Yeah, it’s a really, really unflattering picture. So what?

  9. MAGNUS Says:

    i think you should post a pic camparing monica of old, in the same pose to today…. there is a big difference…. she does’nt look as healthy. She’s too young to look like that….I hope she’s ok… I LOVE MONICA!!

  10. Jon Says:

    From Jon Wertheim’s SI tennis blog today:
    “She hits regularly with Nicole Vaidisova. My moles on the bayou tell me she looked sharp beating Navratilova in a New Orleans exhibition recently.”

  11. David Says:

    Andre Agassi micked the better woman with Steffi Graf, Steffi is HOT, HOT, HOT

  12. richard Says:

    I think she still stands a good chance of doing some damage on the WTA tour in 2008.She might be in her mid thirtees but she hasnt looked this fit since 1991! And she can still hit the ball as hard as the top ten players.The only thing now is her foot,if thats ok and it will hold up to everything thats required we could see her for one last crack at 2008! Lets hope so !

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