retail therapy: chanel, lacoste, ralph lauren, nike, and lily’s of beverly hills


At Chanel, randomness ruled: The spring/summer 2008 ready-to-wear shows at Paris Fashion Week brought out the trendsetting ways of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. A fanny pack for your ankle? We love it. And of course their signature stenciled tennis racquet makes an appearance. See a review here, and the complete collection here. (

Sale #1: The Polo Ralph Lauren Tennis collection (including their goods from the U.S. Open) are 30% off through Thursday, October 11. Free shipping if you spend more than $195. See the coupon here.

To the men in Los Angeles: We finally get noticed by the Nike store at the Grove, who’ll start selling guy’s goods on October 12.

Sale #2: And if blowing your load at Nike wasn’t enough, the Lacoste shops are having a sale ’til October 14. $25 off a purchase of $150 or more.

Supporting the locally-grown: I’m all about What’s All the Racquet tracking down the smaller tennis apparel companies, like Lily’s of Beverly Hills. Their Bella Donna line shows promise, but everything else is pretty blah. I’ll take my adidas by Stella McCartney any day.

It’s never too early: The baby might still be years from swinging a racquet, but you can infuse it with tennis energy with these fun socks.

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9 Responses to “retail therapy: chanel, lacoste, ralph lauren, nike, and lily’s of beverly hills”

  1. butter Says:

    aside from the clothes, I’m lovin’ Sasha Pivovarova on this one! she looks sooo ICY!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    I am all for peping up a tennis game with come Chanel touches! Why not?

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