to goatee or not to goatee?


novak djokovic - vienna - goatee

novak djokovic - rogers cup

Does a goatee suit Nole Djokovic? What do you think? Tell us!

Update: If you’re wondering about the references to “eyeglasses” and “zoos”, check out this post from Down The Line!

>> nole cracks me up
>> davis cup: nole is such a goofball
>> nole’s white briefs


44 Responses to “to goatee or not to goatee?”

  1. Natasha Spychick Says:

    I really hated the gatee, he looks like a 70’s coke-dealer/porn star.
    Two thumbs down- It’s looks super-cheesy.

  2. airbonesjones Says:

    I agree with spychick, the goatee should go.

  3. Sania Says:

    I actually like it, he looks cool, especially on those pics from the zoo in Vienna.

  4. Joshua Says:

    Oh man! My world would be complete if Novak were a coke-dealing porn star! Ahhhh, love . . .

    I love the goatee. I think it makes him look like a sinister wizard of terrible and frightening and sexy power.

  5. George Says:

    He’s hot no matter what, but like the clean look better. He doesn’t have a goatee face.

  6. putrakuamin Says:

    He’s not looks cool but like porn star in acting, maybe he can do it

  7. ryan Says:

    No. Absolutely not.

  8. dan Says:

    do not like it at all:(
    shave damn it!

  9. Dedric Says:

    I love it. It gives him character and more of an edge.

  10. Miguelito Says:

    I agree that he looks like a coke dealing porn star with the goatee and I generally hate goatees. I think in 2025 when I show my kids pictures of the 90’s that is what they will hone in on and make fun of.

    That said… it kind of works for him. I don’t know what to think of it.

    He really needs to so something about that awful haircut though.

  11. Danielle Says:

    The goatee elongates his already narrow face. Bad choice, shave it buddy. Makes him look 10 years older and he’s supposed to be the youthful up and commer.

  12. alexandra Says:

    eeeewwww NO goatee its ugly makes him look older. he had it it earlier in the year but its not as vsible. ugh it needs to go. yah he looks really good with his hair gelled like in a spike…he’s sooo cute.

  13. Mariska Says:

    Ew. Janko looks alright with facial hair but it just does NOT suit Nole. Shave it!!!

  14. butter Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO……BUT I have to see it on t.v. it may actually “look good”

  15. Mitchell Says:

    He’s cute with or without. And when he was wearing glasses…hmm…very nice.

  16. Todd and in Charge Says:

    either is fine, but please get a real haircut.

  17. wei Says:

    his face is very sharp and long. the shaped goatee actually makes his jaw slightly squarer. But it makes him so much older. he can do without it.

  18. Nick Says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Hate it.

  19. Erwin Says:

    hahaha. nick, I love it when you’re eloquent.

  20. LEXA W LEE Says:

    y’all got it wrong. he looks like he’s TRYING to look like a 70’s coke dealer/porn star.

  21. alexandra Says:

    nole with glasses looks very clark kent ( like someone wrote on the other post) nerdy(in a good way) but sexy. who woul’dve thought he wore glasses?

  22. kaylyn Says:

    no goatee,

  23. sum1 Says:

    Eww..shave it. He looks older, exhausted. No goatee, please!

  24. Saintly71 Says:

    No matter what the facial hair he will remain super hot, sexy and so cute.
    Would u send him packing if he strolled up to you with the goatee? I thought not.

  25. Sonja Says:

    Agreed. He is freakin’ sexy – it’s the attitude, not the looks.
    Don’t get me wrong – his looks ain’t bad either, hehe.

    I’d prefer the shaved look though – but I do like the porn star vibe about the goatee…

  26. novak lover OMG OMG OMG Says:


  27. john Says:

    I so hated the goatee I’m so glad it’s finally gone I hear!

  28. FeFe Says:

    You can’t underestimate the power of facial hair. Once it gets the ’70’s groove into your bones, there is no going back. Where is Andy’s Mojo? He shaved! Don’t do it Nole. Keep the goatee but if you must shave, don’t loose all of your Mojo, keep a porn stach. Work it baby!

  29. Sonja Says:

    The goatee’s gone. But there’s still some stubble left I think. I like the current look best!
    BTW: He’s wearing red shoes now, which kinda cracks me up. Like in the Wizard of Oz, hee hee.

  30. Anita Says:

    Didn’t like the goatee nor the red shoes…

  31. Monkey Says:

    Yep – Goatee underlines his jaw and face cause it is black-hairy!!! With Goatee he looks more than a fighter!!!

  32. Mihajlo Says:

    No goatee, but even goatee is better then just left on chin, witch he does sometimes.

  33. Hans Anders Says:

    No goatee. He looks ridiculous!

  34. Superwoman Says:

    He is ugly with or without. Sorry.
    He only has pretty eyes, that all.
    By the way people every time you see him lift three fingers in the air (he does it sometimes when he wins), you should just remember it means victory.
    Serbs used to do it in 1992 (he is Serbian right?) during the war against Bosnia & Croatia when they slashed 7000 throats and killed over 200,000 for no reason. You also could see Vlade Divac do it (basketball player) and he was actually criticized for it few times.
    US bombed Serbia in 1995 to stop the war.
    Thanks US. Without your help I wouldn’t be alive today.
    I liked him a lot before he did those fingers, after that he makes me sick and I wanna puke.

  35. ..../3 # @ G y@..... Says:

    I think it makes the dude look like a bum…….he look way beta with the clean look………

  36. Kristen Says:

    I love Novak, sooooo much. He has a hysterical personality, but they goatee just makes him look fake. I hate it, he should stick to the clean shaven look, it suits him.

  37. Grace Says:

    Djokovic is a handsome guy no matter what’s on his face, but I think the goatee might make him look a bit too much like he belongs back in the Balkans herding cattle in a tall fur hat.

  38. Kiss my ass Says:

    He is racist!!!

  39. Danny Says:

    No. Novak is looking way better without the goatee.

  40. Michael Says:


    first of all US did not bobm Serbia in 1995. NATO bombed Serbia & Montenegro in 1999.

    3 fingers in the air simbolises holy trinity, of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, and has nothing to do, whatsoever, with civil war that took place in the Western Balkans during 1990s.

    Serbians did not slash 7000 throats. Bosnian Serb Extremist led by Ratko Mladic did that. Sweety it’s the same like Germans didn’t slash Jews in WW2, but nazis did. Or like Muslims didn’t kill 3000 ppl on 9/11, but Muslim extremists did. Serbians didn’t, some extremists who happen to be Serbs did. Got it? The same happend other way around. Serbs were killed too. Stop with antiserbian propaganda please..

  41. K+M Says:

    Definately no goatee. Much hotter without ! 🙂

  42. valeria Says:

    yes he is very awesome with goatee !!!

  43. maha Says:

    he always looks AMAZING …… the goatee adds a couple years but yes he pulls it off very well and i must say that whenever he wears glasses………………………………………………………………mmmmmm…….OOOOOOOHHHHHH MMMMMMAAAAA GAWD !!! (very cute!!!)

    with or without he looks absolutely PERFECT 🙂

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