mishit: the ballgirls in madrid


With the WTA and ATP tour calendars jam-packed from January through December, it is sometimes hard for tournaments to make their mark (which is why I advocate a better array of trophies, at the least).

So TSF gives props to officials in Madrid for finding their own awesome schtick: train Boss models (read: top-notch, beautiful, fashion professionals) to work as ballfolk for a premier tour stop. This happened at last year’s Tennis Masters Series tourney and also at last year’s WTA Tour Championships. (There was even a big to-do about Maria Sharapova helping out with the selection process.)

boss models - madrid masters tennis - ballgirls

But someting happened between planning and execution this year because the girls showed up frumping around in pink dresses. And while black shoes might have worked at a less athletic event (worn correctly, pink bubble dress with black booties can work), they should NEVER be worn with light colors. The baby blue polo/skirt combo is alright.

boss models - madrid masters tennis - ballgirls

And what is going on with the beddazled tattoo? Am I watching The Real Housewives of Orange County?

So, to the organizers of the Mutua Madrilena Masters: go back to the drawing boards for next year’s event. Perhaps take inspiration from the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome. Need we remind you how they dressed their raccattapalle? Yep, that’s how it’s done.

What do you think of the ballgirls? Tell us!

(photos by Getty Images)

>> how do you say “ballgirl” in Italian?
>> in madrid, volandri in emporio armani



13 Responses to “mishit: the ballgirls in madrid”

  1. zola Says:

    good on you for mentioning this. The ball girls are a disaster. What’s for next year? Strippin’ models? People are there to watch tenis not a fashion show.

    ATP organizers perhaps have forgotten that Federer was a ball boy in Basel. Let the kids who play tennis and love it, serve as ball boys and girls and get inspired by the players they adore. These supermodel ballgirls or boys can’t care less about tennis.

  2. Anna Says:

    I find the placement of the jeweled logo so odd.

    This is just tacky. Hugo Boss should know better.

  3. Natasha Spychick Says:

    I hate this idea- not every decision in sports needs to be made from a publicity stand-point. I liked the ball kids as ball *kids*, it always seemed to be a very sweet aspect of the game.
    Even the players seem to be annoyed by the new “ballgirls”- they’re not trained that well for it and sometimes delay the match because of it. I remember last year during several matches Nadal and Safin looked like they wanted to kill someone everytime the models dropped the ball [which was quite frequently].

    And I agree with Anna about the logo- what the hell?? where did they come up with the idea of “branding” models??

    [though I Do love the hats…]

  4. Nick Says:


  5. mo Says:

    I totally agree with all the other comments.

    How could these ugly non players replace those lovely ball boys and girls?? Please stop all these nonesense and have the real thing back.


  6. alexandra Says:

    hmmmm….fashion doesnt really come to mind when you see those outfits. they look like bright tacky puma dresses (although i love puma…just not those). and the jewel things on their chests are awkward looking. the italians’ way of doing it is SOOOOO much better than these. what the italian ballgirls were wearing were more fashion forward, it’s like polo ralph lauren inspired. i love it.

  7. Rosemary Says:

    gosssh what a discrace! How could HUGO BOSS create such horrible ball girl outfits! I mean our ballgirl outfits at Indian Wells were much better than this throw up of a design.

  8. vagos Says:

    Thank GOD for woman. I don’t care about the outfits. Bring in the FITTIES!!!
    This is an excellent idea. They make the game far more interesting. No one cares about the silly rich boys that play the sport.
    Women are beautiful and they are lovely to look at . Don’t give us these sexist bull and the degrading of women. Women are everywhere. On the covers on magazines, TV, you name it. They love to be looked at and show off the beauty and we LOVE IT AS WELL.

  9. shannon Says:

    i’m sure the players have trouble focusing on the match
    i think this is too short and raunchy for ballgirls
    oh the things people wear these days!
    i understand cute uniforms but this is screaming “HAY ANDY RODDICK LOOK AT ME!”

  10. Kevin Says:

    Bravo! Something novel for the Madrid tournament. They’re beautiful as well as efficient in their jobs. I noticed most of the negative comments were from the ladies. Deal with it, girls…

  11. madrid ballkids in ellesse « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] No bedazzled busts for the ballfolks at the 2011 Mutua Madrid Open. Ellesse covered skin in classy, classic outfits […]

  12. Alantavesee Says:


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