nadal gets the star treatment


There’s definitely someone at Nike taking care of Rafael Nadal. Of all the folks wearing this exact same Global Power Sleeveless Tank at this week’s Mutua Madrilena Masters — including Carlos Moya, Feliciano Lopez, Stefan Koubek — Rafa was the only one who made it work.

The key lies in the colors: the white headbands and the grey shorts worn Moya and Lopez wash out the shirt. On the other hand, Nadal’s light blue accessories mute the Dark Crystal Blue tank at the same time that his black Global Power Board Shorts help the same blue stand out.

(And it didn’t help the others that they were occasionally still wearing the same tank in the less-vibrant Argon blue shade from Fall ’07)

Buy: Board Shorts are $55 and the Global Power Sleeveless Tank is $55; both available at Midwest Sports.



4 Responses to “nadal gets the star treatment”

  1. Satya Says:

    thanks for pointing that out. that’s already star treatment in nike’s standard.

  2. Jan Says:

    I don’t have your acute powers of observation. I just know I am extremely tired of seeing so many players in these shirts. This reaction reached a crisis of aggravation when Lopez played Koubek in exactly the same outfit. The only difference was Lopez wore a white headband and Koubek wore none.

    They were so difficult to tell apart. Every time I was diverted and then returned to watching it took a minute or two to sort them out all over again. (probably easier for those with jumbo tvs) The ATP or someone should police this as a favor to tv viewers. Something like second man out of the locker room in the same outfit must return and change either shirt or shorts. Or maybe Nike could just quit sending everyone the same thing.

  3. soton25 Says:

    well…at least this is prettier than that brown and yellow bag business concoction sported by lopez…but i agree, there needs to be more diversification in the wardrobe of male tennis players these days…and to provide further evidence of this crisis…Blake vs Koubek 2007 US Open….

  4. Sonja Says:

    Yep yep! Is that sleeveless blue shirt the only shirt Nike HAS GOT? Pretty weird to see everyone wearing that.
    Maybe it’s because they’re trying to look as hot as Rafa. Note to Koubek & Co.: If you want to wear sleeveless shirts, get a biceps first!

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