short balls: serena bananas over her ‘berry, loving the aussie women, ncaa tennis, etc.


Serena goes bananas over ‘berry: Serena Williams blogged so dramatically about losing her Blackberry in Paris (realizing its disappearance while shopping at Fendi, no less) that Down The Line! thinks she’s just lost her marbles.

Coria’s quiet return: The Argentine accepted a wild card into a tourney this week, and he crashed out in the first round. (La Legion Argentina)

Articles are getting a bum rap: TTC drops one of its Ts (guess which one?) and announce it via a press release worthy of The Onion. There was really no way to make a big serious deal about this…

Aussie love: Ex-troubled teen Jelena Dokic finally speaks about her decision to return to pro tennis (with the help of Tennis Australia). Meanwhile, the adorable Nick McCarvel has been missing Molik and hopes she’ll make a strong start in 2008.

Partners in crime: Speaking of, Nick and his transatlantic sidekick, Troy Venechanos, brought us good blogging from the Madrid Masters. In part two, check out the photo of yet another big purse from Mirka

Over it: I’m so over the match-fixing scandal, so I’ll leave it to Stephanie Myles to keep you informed.

What difference a year makes: Ahh, it seems like the NCAA tennis season just ended, yet we’re already into the second major tourney of the new season. Colette Lewis lists the seeds and wonders what happened to the men of UCLA and to USC darling Lindsey Nelson.


3 Responses to “short balls: serena bananas over her ‘berry, loving the aussie women, ncaa tennis, etc.”

  1. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    Random: Did you hear about the tennis-related show that your MaSha is going to produce for the CW?

  2. Joshua Says:

    About Serena’s blog . . . is it not obvious that the girl is rather intentionally and humorously being melodramatic? The crazy part the blogger you link to mentions (about the blackberry leaving her feeling alone and cold and how it used to have a warm bed) is clearly meant to poke fun at the amount of emotional investment she has in the device.

    I’m not a huge Serena Williams fan, but this is surely not proof of her being insane.

  3. Caresse Says:

    Joshua, I agree with you. It’s very obvious she’s trying to be kind of funny by exaggerating her sorrow. I mean, come on, It’s sick how people try to pick it on her… so silly.

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