short balls: masha the editor and producer, what’s in venus’ fridge?, etc.


Someone is selling San Diego ash on eBay. Wow.

serena and venus - espn magazine shoot

A photo shoot: Bossip shows us a behind-the-scenes photo of Serena and Venus posing for ESPN The Magazine‘s 10th anniversary issue.

A piece of the publicity pie?: Former pro David Wheaton (now a Godcaster) thinks that our Federer-filled tennis days are boring compared to the late 80s/early 90s — when Lendl, McEnroe, Connors, Becker, Edberg came up against the American upstarts (Agassi, Sampras, Courier, Chang, and Martin). While he may have a point, I think Federer’s hold on No. 1 isn’t as strong. 2008’s going to be great. (Winnipeg Sun)

A media mogul: Tennis Week‘s Randy Master — getting ready for the magazine’s November relaunch — announces the addition of Maria Sharapova to the magazine’s masthead as an editorial contributor. The Siberian Siren is also in talks with CW to develop a drama set in the world of women’s tennis. (And it’s true — some of the stuff that happens, you can’t make it up!). She’ll be working with Jacob Epstein, whose writing credits include L.A. Law, Sliders, and Without a Trace. Epstein will be the executive producer, and Masha gets a co-executive producer credit. (via Kat)

A petition: An advocacy group passed around a petition to discourage Roger’s participation in the Davidoff Swiss Indoors. As you may know, Davidoff sells tobacco. I say cut Davidoff some slack. If we went out protesting the practices of every tennis tourney sponsor, we’d be out of ’em. Also, who doesn’t love Cool Water?

A fridge full of water: Rachael Ray takes a look at what’s in the fridge of Venus Williams.

Further reading: Recent notes from ESPN’s Bonnie D. Ford. One of her mentions is the race to Shanghai, where twenty guys are vying for the last three spots.

(OT) A fashion blog: If you’re looking for another fashion blog to follow, consider V‘s online content. They scour the world for some pretty cool stuff, and their photographer JD Ferguson is great. (He has his own blog, too.)

(OT) A quick study of the Case Studies: This NYT article checks in on the current state of Case Study houses in the preservation-unfriendly world of Los Angeles.

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