trophy watch: paris, quebec


This week’s winners were all about the streaks…

lindsay davenport wins quebec

Lindsay Davenport continues her successful comeback campaign with her second title in three tourneys. She beat Julia Vakulenko 6-4, 6-1 at the Quebec City Bell Challenge. She looked good wearing Nike‘s Drop Shot Cable Top from the winter collection.

nalbandian wins paris 2007

If it ain’t broke…: Boo to you, Masters Series Paris. You were in the running for best tennis trophy with your Fanti Tree, and you replace it with this. But hey, it’s better than a silver cup, right?

David Nalbandian continues his comeback with a 6-4, 6-0 destruction of Rafael Nadal in the finals. This is the second time in the last three weeks that the Argentine has beaten both Roger Federer and Rafa in the same tournament (the other being Madrid, which he also won. Not bad to have your only two titles in 2007 be Masters Series ones, no?). Could this latest streak mean that he’ll take the TMC like he did back in 2005?

nalbandian wins paris 2007

Like a kid in a candy store. And what is up with Tara Reid on the right?

(Davenport’s photo via the Bell Challenge; Paris photos via Getty Images)

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5 Responses to “trophy watch: paris, quebec”

  1. kenneth Says:

    It’s only been three tournaments and that BABY ROUTINE is already getting really tired.

  2. Natasha Spychick Says:

    He beat the world’s best for two consecutive masters shields, and all he gets for it is middle-aged, cheetah-and-feather-wearing parisian strippers??

    And I can’t believe they dumped the old trophy for this one. It looks like the old one- just after a really bad melting accident…

  3. Erwin Says:

    Haha Paris didn’t want to be outdone by those supermodel ballgirls from Madrid…

  4. Sonja Says:

    YAY for David!!! Those eight guys at the Masters are so lucky he’s not there, he would kick their ass, hahahaha *evil laugh*. 😉

    But seriously, I’m so happy for him, it’s been a tough year, and now he can come back in 2008 with a lot of confidence.

    Poor Rafa kinda looks like “What the hell just happened out there?!”. Also, hilarious picture of Bandy with the ewww strippers. He seems so awkward. No wonder, those women are wearing feathers, for Christ’s sake! Also, it’s kinda funny that David is the smallest of all of them. LOL

  5. jean Says:

    well done David!

    and Lindsay Davenport is great, too! what a come-back!

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