david beckham, andy murray among britain’s most powerful


david beckham-steven klein-arena magazine

British fashion rag Arena released its annual Power list in the December issue, naming David Beckham Britain’s most powerful man 40 years old or younger.

“Beckham has topped this year’s [list] because he is arguably the most recognisable Brit on the planet,” says editor Giles Hattersley. “David is our biggest sporting export and has inspired boys of all ages to become passionate about football — and fashion.”

david beckham-steven klein-arena

The youngest lad on the list is Scottish tennis player Andy Murray (39th). Now I would throw some money at a magazine that put Andy (concave chest and all) in shots like that. Wouldn’t you?

Others on the list are Prince Harry (fifth), actor Daniel Craig (10th), DJ Mark Ronson (18th), and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (25th).


Photographer Steven Klein continues his hot and torrid love affair with Beckham by shooting this layout. Klein was also behind Beckham’s sexy shoot in W with wife Victoria.

(Photos by Oh la la via Restoring Love)

>> beckhams pose in W magazine
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2 Responses to “david beckham, andy murray among britain’s most powerful”

  1. emi Says:

    i do adore mark ronson.

  2. leela Says:

    i love ghandi

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