maria the sexy librarian


maria sharapova - nike - madrid

Maria Sharapova returned to action at this week’s WTA Tour Championships after a four-week absence. She faced Daniela Hantuchova in a round-robin match for the Red Group.

The dueling Nike-sponsored babes came out in their fall frocks, with Hantuchova continuing with the black Fall Control pieces (including the cute two-tiered ruffle skirt; see a picture here) and Maria sporting a bow collar blouse in deep burgundy and a front button skort in sheen pink. (No Drop Shot dress for her, I guess.)

Sharapova eventually triumphed 6-4, 7-5. But who do you think won the fashion showdown? Tell us!

p.s. No word on who has Maria’s pieces for sale.

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13 Responses to “maria the sexy librarian”

  1. Marija Says:

    I am impressed with Sharapova’s fashion choice. It is so different to what other girls are wearing, and I like it a lot. Full of subtle details and really stylish.

  2. Sharapova, Ivanovic, Henin -Todays Winners » Tennisinfoblog Says:

    […] sexy outfits.”It’s more classy,” Sharapova said about the more reserved two-piece “librarian” outfit. “I’m still trying to match the (purple) court as you can see. I don’t know […]

  3. Nick Says:

    Ew. No no no. Don’t like it. At all.

  4. elisa Says:

    I thought Maria looked gorgeous. Her outfit is very very pretty, the colours are great too. Overall, it was quite sophisticated I think. She also lost some weight!! (and she won!)

    Hantuchova looked fine too but Maria was the hit of the day.

  5. LEXA W LEE Says:

    It’s the schoolmarm look. is she trying something different from the weird blue negligee dress she tried not long ago? This is a girl whose fashion sense is all over the place. It may be fashion, but it’s not style.

  6. chris Says:

    I think Maria looks so much better in this outfit (particularly at an indoor tournament) than much of the frilly stuff she’s worn lately. I think the color works great on her too.

  7. Stephanie Myles Says:

    I’m thinking it’s the “naughty schoolgirl” look.

  8. AG Says:

    go to

  9. b Says:

    was a nice idea but it failed horribly – although it’s nice to see her try something different

    ummm it could have worked had the skirt/skort been made of different material (e.g. similar to top) and been better tailored… fewer pleats would have helped, also

    unfortunately the skirt made her look flat, wide and like she was wearing a hand-me-down uniform

    why is it that maria’s clothes fit so badly – and nike claims they custome fit them for her – nonsense!

    i did like the colour combination – reminded me of serena’s dress

    the bow on the top wasn’t quite working either

    hantochova looked great – i wish justine would try wearing something like that – wouldn’t need to be so short/revealing but it’s the right look for a “skinny”/small-boned type of figure

  10. FeFe Says:

    Sharapova. I’ll buy. Great for running around town after a match or lunch in the clubhouse esp. for fall/winter.

  11. Sonja Says:

    I loved Masha’s new outfit. It’s really more classy than the other stuff she wore in the past (that twinkly black “cocktail” dress at last year’s US Open final was just ridiculous).
    Also, I think it’s great that she’s not so revealing anymore. It reminds me of the early tennis fashion. She can really wear stuff like that without making it too square – Henin for instance would look pretty weird in that outfit (although she really could do better than that BORING red-white outfit – adidas is doing some great tennis fashion, eg. for Ana).

    Hantuchova always looks good, too. The skirt in fact is VERY short, but maybe it’s just because her legs are so damn long. 😉

    BTW Masha was totally cute in today’s final. During her speech she seemed so moved and close to tears – gotta love her performance in this year’s Championships!

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