bjorn borg’s underwear blog


Bjorn Borg might have stirred the tennis pot with his annointment of the powerful Andy Murray as an eventual Wimbledon Champ, but we’re more interested in the Swede’s other causes, such as his company‘s ongoing mission to “spread the Swedish underwear revolution around the world.”

bjorn borg underwear blog

A photo blog they started in September features submissions of folks creatively wearing a variety of the brand’s pieces; my fave so far is Mans, above, giving us a peekabo in NYC.

Submitting your pic gets you a €5 discount and a chance to win a whole collection of BB skivvies. If you’re fine just looking, there’s an RSS feed.

Does anyone want to put money down on how soon it’s going to take the ATP’s resident exhibitionist, Nole, to get a picture on this thing?

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3 Responses to “bjorn borg’s underwear blog”

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  2. Fashion Focus: Bjorn Borg Underwear F/W 08 | TennisGrandstand Says:

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  3. Underpants Says:


    Nice Info about underwear…will come again to get more story and info

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