speaking of bjorn borg f/w ’07 underwear…


We haven’t really looked at Bjorn Borg underwear since we posted about the spring/summer ’07 collection, so here’s a look at what’s going on…

bjorn borg underwear fall winter 2007

As usual, there’s something to love about this latest bunch. Various geometric and abstract patterns are mixed with nature-inspired prints such as leaves, penguins, and marine creatures. Of course, the prints come as briefs, “short shorts” (aka square-cuts), or “shorts” (aka boxer briefs).

Feeling flirty?: Strike a pose in one of their pieces and send it in to the BB skivvy blog!

bjorn borg underwear - penguins


bjorn borg underwear - flying fish

Before of flying fish!

The biggest mammal alive… is in your pants.

Browse: The full underwear collection can be found here and a reduced number can be purchased via the Underwear Shop. Alas, the whales weren’t for sale.

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One Response to “speaking of bjorn borg f/w ’07 underwear…”

  1. Mariska Says:

    As much as I’m enjoying picturing Janko Tipsarevic in those red penguin ones, what do artistic boxers have to do with tennis?

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