the fun doesn’t stop!


Another for the crime blotter: First it was match-fixing, then it was cocaine. And I believe there was a sexual abuse case in there somewhere, too. Now you can add poison to the dizzying list of tennis transgressions being reported by the media.

Tommy Haas allegedly got poisoned during Germany’s Davis Cup semi against Russia this past September. This led Haas to retire during his match against Mikhail Youzhny.

“German teammate Alexander Waske said he was told by a Russian who manages numerous athletes that it was poisoning, not a virus. Waske didn’t say who the manager was.

“He said as an aside, that it was bitter that Tommy Haas was poisoned,” said Waske, who answered the man by saying that it was a virus. “Thereupon he said, no, they poisoned him.”

I’m so over all these blind item allegations. Can someone keep track and get back to me when they figure out what happened? Thanks!


2 Responses to “the fun doesn’t stop!”

  1. Chris Says:

    I think all these sensational news are part of a concerted albeit desperate marketing campaign by both ATP and WTA. ATP came up with the match fixing. WTA countered with drugs. Then ATP upped the antes with poisoning. I think you can count on WTA to trumped up some sex scandal….. remember, there’s no such thing as bad press.

  2. lesturla Says:

    this is too sad. i don’t think is part of an orchestrated move to popularize the sport. all these are distasteful publicity and in no way will they make the sport more popular.

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