fashion focus: for bjorn borg f/w ’07, the men go monochromatic


While it may seem that TSF is obsessing about Bjorn Borg underwear this week (and we are), we’ve also been eyeing other things from their Fall/Winter 2007 collection.

bjorn borg fall winter 2007

Men’s picks: (top) long-sleeved jersey hoodie with shawl collar, grey pants with ribbed cuff, wide turtleneck sweater; (middle) “Longs” striped pants, deep U-neck long-sleeved shirt, lace-up boots; (bottom) Moss knitted hat, day trip bag, striped drawsting shawl collar hoodie with kangaroo pockets.

Women’s picks: See the purples and pinks — plus our underwear picks — after the cut.

bjorn borg fall winter 2007 underwear

The women’s underwear come in various colors and prints, as usual, but we’re totally in love with the kimono-esque robes and asian-influenced patterns.

bjorn borg fall winter 2007 women’s collection

We also love the deep brown sleeveless tank with the gathered waist and the purple sweater dress.

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7 Responses to “fashion focus: for bjorn borg f/w ’07, the men go monochromatic”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey E. I followed the provided link for the ‘leavehimalone’ but it wouldn’t work. Let me know when you have a more functioning version. Hope you’re well!

  2. troy Says:

    hey erwin,

    do you know where this line can be bought in europe?

  3. mr. shain Says:

    i heart stripes.

  4. Erwin Says:

    Troy: not sure. some quick googling didn’t turn up anything. I’ll try to e-mail the folks I know at BB and see what turns up.

    If it’s the underwear you want, you can find that at a lot of places (try

    (Is this Troy of fame?)

  5. googlyeyed Says:

    is there a link to those pants

  6. andrew Says:

    how can i find the mens lace-up boots for sale
    i went to the Bjorn Borg site and i didnt see anything


    I would like one color white bjorn borg boots!Please help me! Thans

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