blacks, metallics, and leopard print (!!) at the yec party


(My thoughts go out to those affected by the earthquake that hit Chile today…)

The SEWTA Tour hosted their Year-End Championships Players’ party in Madrid on Sunday night (after the longest three-set final which saw Justine Henin defend her title).

Black was the evening’s shade, found on LBDs, floor-length skirts, and a sexy halter bubble dress on Serena Williams. Metallics showed up on Ana Ivanovic and Sharapova (in Thakoon). There were lots of gold accessories, too: a belt on Ana, a brooch on Anna Chakvetadze, and chains adorning Serena’s Louis Vuitton bag. And Jelena Jankovic separated herself from the pack with a body-hugging leopard print dress that puts Bethanie Mattek to shame.

Here are some photos from the shindig. Make sure to check out the entire gallery on the WTA website.


Anna punctuated her black half turtleneck knit top with a gold brooch at the bust and toted classic quilted leather purse. Meanwhile, her oft-braided hair got some air.

ana ivanovic and jelena jankovic

Ana went Victorian with her lacy silk top, gold belt, and floor-length skirt (is that a key around her neck?); and Jelena pulled off a leopard print ensemble.

daniela hantuchova - YEC 2007

Momma long-legs Daniela Hantuchova let her hair down and wore a fur caplet over her little black mini dress.

See Serena, Sveta, Justine, and Marion after the cut…

serena williams - yec 2007

Serena dressed up her black halter bubble dress (complete with a fabric flower at the collar) with an LV bag and a chunky black bracelet.

svetlana kuznetsova - YEC 2007

Svetlana Kuznetsova topped off her black outfit with a houndstooth Members Only/military-style jacket.

justine henin and marion bartoli

Justine revived the shiny dress shirt she wore earlier in the week, and Bartoli tried to fend off the cold with a vanilla-colored pea coat and a ruffled dress worthy of spring weather.

(photos by Action Images via WTA)

>> TSF’s party watch


20 Responses to “blacks, metallics, and leopard print (!!) at the yec party”

  1. Jon Says:

    Does anyone here know her way around a carpet photo? God bless Serena. She’s got grace in bulk on the carpet, if not in the interview room.

    Anna C. looks like a good Pentecostal here; Daniela is awfully shruggy; and Ana Ivanovic is not at all flattered by that shot. She looks like Norah Jones in, say, 40 years.

  2. Danielle Says:

    It’s refreshing to see Anna C’s hair out of that braid for once. And yes, Ana I. doesn’t look very flattering with those curls of hers. Love how Jelena busted out the leopard print though. Kuznetsova’s purse seems a little overwhelming.

  3. Jon Says:

    Yeah, looks like that purse is carrying Kuznetsova.

  4. butter Says:

    Serena wins.

  5. snaz Says:

    im sorry.. but henin needs a stylist..she has all the money! spend some on a stylist n flattering clothes please!!!

  6. Denise Says:

    Wow! Sveta looks pretty! Who knew?

  7. FernFed Says:

    Money clearly cannot buy style. Hantuchova looks like she is standing there naked. Jelena is working it. Can she win a slam soon please? Justine, yikes…

  8. Sonja Says:

    Serena definitely wins. Although LV bags are old news…
    And Hantuchova has GOT to learn how to pose. It’s a shame looking that clumsy with those endless legs.
    I liked Chakvetadze’s and Jankovic’s looks too.

    And I totally agree that Henin needs a stylist. What is with her? She always looks like she doesn’t care. Too bad, because she is actually pretty – saw her in one photo shoot for Elle or something where they curled up her hair and put on some dark lipstick. More of that please!

  9. Monica Says:

    Chakvetadze needs to cut her hair…it’s just dates. And yes…oh my god Sveta cleans up nicely.

  10. Monica Says:

    I mean her hair is dated

  11. Qatar Cat Says:

    In: Serena, Jelena

    Out: All the others

  12. shamone Says:

    sveta is looking better sans those horrid cornrows….’rena is working it as well..

  13. Andrew Says:

    Daniela Hantuchova is bomb. I hope she grabs Wimbledon by the balls this year.

  14. Emma Says:

    serena looks really nice and i love jelenas dress

  15. roomtwotwentytwo Says:

    OMG! Those are some of the most shockingly bad carpet photos I’ve seen. Honey – call me!

  16. s.m Says:

    i love you Svetlana Kuznetsova

  17. Tranny Fan Says:

    Kuznetsova and the Williams sisters are really men !!!
    Don’t be fooled, they’re post-op trannies !!
    They’ve got bigger chins than most NFL coaches.

  18. Akbar Says:

    If they are transgendered then they are very talented, and beautiful! Go tennis trannies! They are not but, I would not care…. Daniella H!

  19. Freca Says:

    Svetlana wins.

  20. CurtisHer Says:


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