andy feels roddicked around by the atp


(pardon the pun — it’s been a long day…)

Lest you think the WTA is the only tour being criticized by its own members for how they treat injuries, here’s crush ng bayan Andy Roddick‘s blog post on being fined for pulling out of last month’s Paris Masters Series tournament. His reason for withdrawing: prepping for Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai and Davis Cup, plus nursing a tweaked ankle (sustained a week prior in Lyon).

“anyways, I got fined 20 grand for not going to Paris. In order to avoid the fine I would have had to stay in France for 4 or 5 days to fulfill media obligations for the tourney. To stay there for an extra 4 days when I only had a ten day window to train/recover did not seem like the right thing to do before Shanghai.. I thought it was a smarter play to be at home with my doctors and trainers preparing to make sure I was healthy for masters which by the way is an ATP run event….. so I get fined 20 large which is a flawed system but I have gotten used to it….. fine…put it on my tab…..I read 3 days later that Nikolay Davydenko has been fined 2 grand for not trying in a match… I AM NOT here to say he did or did not try in that match…. I didn’t see it .. just heard about it… the thing that got me was the 2 grand fine…. in essence they are setting the precedent that preparing and getting healthy for their year end event is worth a 20 grand fine, but tanking (again I have no opinion on guilt or innocence here) only warrants 2 grand….taking care of injuries and health to be prepared for their event= 20 grand……….. not trying= 2 grand…anyone else see a problem with this?? [bold emphasis added]

>> serena the showman



One Response to “andy feels roddicked around by the atp”

  1. Magnus Says:

    taking care of injuries and health to be prepared for their event= 20 grand……….. not trying= 2 grand…


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