mishit: sampras and federer doll up for their exos


federer - sampras - exhibition

Here’s Pistol Pete and Darth Federer before squaring off at the Super Match VI in Seoul. I love it when a man isn’t afraid to wear fuschia!

Roger, having survived a scare at the TMC Shanghai, is now relaxed and looking forward to breaking more records (and perhaps nabbing gold at the Beijing Olympics) in 2008.

Scoreline: Federer was understandably nervous going up against his idol — and Pete put up a fight — but Roger got over it and won 6-4, 6-3. (A write-up of the match appears here.)

On the boob tube: Tennis Channel (I miss you, “The“!!) will air the Seoul exo on time delay at 7pm ET tonight. The broadcast will also appear on Tennis Channel’s website on Dec. 5.

The parade continues: The two will also play in Kuala Lumpur and at The Venetian in Macao.
federer - sampras - exhibition

For as much as these two were getting paid, couldn’t they have worn more appropriate shoes? Perhaps, like Venus Williams and Maria Kirilenko, all they needed to help the ensemble are elaborate headdresses.

(photo by Getty Images)

>> sup pete, how r u?: another excerpt from r-fed’s new biography


3 Responses to “mishit: sampras and federer doll up for their exos”

  1. emily Says:

    I’ll reserve judgment until I watch what my tivo recorded today, but I think they wore those outfits over their sport outfits and then removed them to play? That’s why they are wearing those shoes….I think.

  2. dance-a-vic Says:

    The cropped photo of the lower extremeities cracked me up. It reminds me of Midtown business-women who throw on their Nikes to fetch a quick falafel,

  3. chris Says:

    the fuschia is all part of federer’s metrosexual campaign.

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