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Rafa and (still-not-gay) Richard: I’m always a sap for fan stories like this from the Malaysian exhibition match between Rafa Nadal and the straight Frenchman, Richard Gasquet; and the one with Sampras and Federer:

And now: an unnamed deputy prime minister and his family are so fricking lucky. This unnamed minister had lunch with Nadal and Gasquet. His daughter was sitting NEXT TO GASQUET and discovered he was a shy guy. And Nadal said to her that they had never received such a warm welcome and reception anywhere before! The aforementioned daughter also says that Mirka, the ubiquitous fiance of one Mr. Federer is such a nice lady and they EXCHANGED E-MAILS. Oh, and here’s the biggie: the son of this minister PLAYED WITH FEDERER. He helped Federer warm up for his match and stroked with him. Oh! I only know this because my coach is the coach of said son and daughter.

(, RR)

Is Roger SI worthy?: Journalist (and biographer) Rene Stauffer makes a case for Sports Illustrated to award Roger their “Sportsman of the Year” award. If SI had a worldwide circulation, all of Roger’s feats and records add up. But with the magazine’s readership mainly American, the award’ll probably go to someone like Tom Brady, no?


Roger films UNICEF ad: The World No. 1 continues his philanthropic ways by appearing in a PSA (in Real Audio here) to raise awareness about mother-to-child HIV transmission for UNICEF. (DTL) Other celebs attached to the campaign are Susan Sarandon, Shakira, and David Beckham. UNICEF filmed Roger’s PSA during the 2007 U.S. Open.

Roger and Rafa differ on year-end tennis: Roger would prefer the year-end tourney to be indoors (since all the other surfaces get special treatment via Grand Slams) while Rafa wants the surfaces to change every year. Something tells me he’ll gun for slow, slow clay. (



9 Responses to “roger, rafa, richard”

  1. chris Says:

    it probably will go to tom brady … or some dead guy … but should it rather go to justine? yes, roger did win more slams but i believe justine was the far dominant player this year on both tours…

  2. Erwin Says:

    If they put Justine on the cover, no one would buy that issue. Henin deserves it, yes, but $$$ (not to mention politics) are sure to get in the way.

  3. alexG Says:

    i have three comments:

    1. that is one freaking lucky girl to sit next to Richard Gasquet…ugh he is SO straight, he better be…i love shy guys, their cute!…:)

    2. whoa, i didnt know roger was engaged…since when? its about time,7 years?

    3. i would love for roger to win, but yeah i totally agree with the whole american-sided-tom-brady part of the story.

    i like all the three tennis players mentioned here, if only nole was part of it ten it would have all of my favorite players!

  4. alexG Says:

    by the way i love the RF cap roger’s wearing… he should put that logo on his bandana, that would look cool.

  5. emily Says:

    Hey, I agree that Roger deserves to win SI top honors, but let’s not go Tom Brady bashing. He is definitely worthy. And hot.

    By the way, I never heard who won the Nadal-Gasquet match…?

  6. Erwin Says:

    Not hating on Mr. Brady. I’m just saying that the title will go to a deserving athlete with a high Q rating in the U.S. (instead of a Henin or Federer, say).

    Nadal d. Gasquet 3-6, 6-2, 6-3.
    there’s a write-up here:

  7. troy Says:

    thank you erwin for mentioning gasquet and mirka in the same post – i didnt think it could be done, but you made it happen

  8. Yan Says:

    Roger should definitely be on there, no question. but like you said it will be someone who is American or at least plays in a major American sport. No one has been as dominant in a sport like Roger Federer.

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