bud collins’ laptop: we wouldn’t have expected anything less



We wouldn’t have expected any less from Bud Collins, the man who made paisley a press room staple. Yep, that’s his laptop as shot by Jonah Sandford of the Wilamette Week at the Portland Memorial Coliseum.

I found the WW‘s Davis Cup coverage very insightful. I don’t really consider Portland a tennis town so it was nice to see how the locals viewed hosting such a milestone in recent U.S. tennis history. (More on that later.)

Speaking of — Team USA clinched the tie with The Bryan‘s straight-set win over Igor Andreev and Mikhail Youzhny. There are still two reverse-singles matches to be played (but they’ll be shortened to best-of-three). Andy Roddick says he won’t play, so which of the Bryans will step up to the plate? (Can Patrick McEnroe use this opportunity to test out Donald Young or John Isner?) Here’s Mike’s take:

I’m just hoping I don’t have to front up for the dead singles rubber on Sunday. Andy says he’s not playing so either Bob or I will have to step up and play on no sleep. Bob’s done this three times before so I’m hoping he’ll be the one. I’ve only played one singles match in the past five years (against Thomas Johansson at this year’s World Team Cup). Bob has always been ranked higher than me, so I say we make him the sacrificial lamb 🙂

(photo via WW; blog via ATP. Thanks, Mikey and pb)


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