junior fashion, maria in the hot seat, venus graduates!



Edge dress buzz: This girl wore the new adidas Edge Dress all the way through the Eddie Herr 14s final this past weekend. Junior tennis expert Colette Lewis snapped this photo and sent it to us. “She bought it at a pro shop and everybody is asking her where she got it.”

Maria in the hot seat: A harmless trip to a Heat game churns HMM’s rumor mill — is Maria Sharapova dating a basketball player? Probably not. Is she a fan of swag? Yes. (DTL)

She graduates!: Fashionista Venus WIlliams is the best thing that happened to a little art school in Florida. She’ll receive her associate’s degree in Fashion Design on December 13. (PR Newswire)

Now some OT…

Late adopter? Don’t care: A friend passed along the MySpace of musician Val Emmich, whose career renaissance can be attributed to roles on 30 Rock and the upcoming Cashmere Mafia. My favorite song of his: I Spend My Whole Life Waiting.

Redesigning design: Starchitects like Richard Meier, Zada Haddid, and Frank Gehry are flexing their high-profile muscle and applying their visions to sweaters, vases, and jewelry. (Portfolio.com)

Heaven Hell on earth: China tried to make a Shangri-La, but all they ended up with was a tourist trap. (CSM)

(photo by Colette Lewis)


One Response to “junior fashion, maria in the hot seat, venus graduates!”

  1. dance-a-vic Says:

    Finally. Venus has been working on that Associates Degree for what, 10 years? Suddenly I don’t feel so bad. :-p

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