trophy watch: davis cup



Team USA won their 32nd Davis Cup this past weekend after beating Russia 4-1. How much do you know about the Davis Cup? Here are some tidbits from the USTA’s profile of this 107-year-old trophy:

That’s Mr. Davis Cup to you: The trophy’s official name is the International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy.

Lots o’ silver: In 1900, a man named Rowland Rhodes used 217 ounces of silver to create the 13-inch-tall cup which is 18 inches in diameter. The top edge of the Cup is carved with primroses and acanthus leaves.

How it works: “Names of the players from both the winner and runner-up teams are engraved on the trophy,” which means a constant need for surface area. The lmost recent plinth — the third tier — was added in 2002. With that, the trophy now stands at 3’7″ and weighs 231 pounds.

Hanging out: “The Davis Cup spent both World Wars in a bank vault in New York.” “The Cup is now in the care of the International Tennis Federation and travels to the Davis Cup Final each year.”

(USTA; photo by Getty Images)

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