tennis in briefs


In case you’re bored with all those banner quizzes that ask you to guess the owner of celebrity lips (when in doubt, choose Angelina Jolie) I offer you an alternative…

The photos below are from Brflines, a site devoted solely to the VBLs of your favorite tennis players. Man, there really is a website for everything!

So, whose brieflines are these? Answers below, after the cut.


#1: Lleyton Hewitt, Novak Djokovic, Tommy Haas


#2: Andre Sa, Nikolay Davydenko, Mikhail Youzhny


#3: Arnaud Clement, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo

Answers after the cut…

Row #1: A, Djokovic; B, Haas; C, Hewitt
Row #2: Left: Kolya, Middle: Sa, Right: Youzhny
Row #3: A, Lopez; B, Robredo, C, Clement

10 Responses to “tennis in briefs”

  1. Craig Hickman Says:


  2. Danielle Says:

    love it

  3. Anna Says:

    Hasn’t Hewitt learned by now that you shouldn’t wear black briefs under white? Maybe they should make nude colored briefs so there’s no outline (as they do for the ladies).

  4. rw Says:

    all i know is that they aren’t james blake. for a man with such a fantastic booty….no vpl. color me impressed.

  5. Colt Johnson Says:

    Wow, what hot buns!

  6. Daniela Says:

    where is the best butt of all????? where is Nadal’s ?

  7. caroline Says:

    Most of the time Feliciano wears Jock-straps under white briefs so his bubble butt is set for everyone to admire and we won’t complain 😀

  8. Mima Says:


  9. innocent Says:

    speaking of JOCK STRAPS, someone needs to tell Jaun Monaco that he should wear underwear when playing. today when he beat murray, his johnson/bird/monkey or whatever you want to call it was flying all over the place, and judging from how it kept flying from left to right in his and making a huge impanct in his shorts, you can tell that he is half black from the waist down, if you catch my drift! ill be right back, I think I need a nice cold drink right about now. woooo

  10. Ritchiep Says:

    Thank you for the heads up, innocent. Jaun Monaco is not a fav of mine…butt I will be watching him now, with a sissors in hand for his hair. I just know he would want me to cut his locks

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