short balls: more banana, marat’s aussie open shirt, translating kolya


Kolya translated: When you have a sec, check out the translation of that Kolya Davydenko profile that appeared in l’Equipe. You won’t regret it. (Thanks to Stephanie and Marie)

I appreciate the gesture, but…” We received a note from the ballboy who tried to weave Andy Roddick‘s Davis Cup detritus into gold. With no one biting on the half-eaten banana, Aakash has changed things a bit and sends TSF this e-mail (hmm, I wonder what Andy thinks about this?):

“its me! that ball boy and it is in the fridge soo it should last until the auction! please bid, there is more with the asking of a fellow ebayer I am going to donate 50-75 percent of the proceeds to Andy’s charity! check my auction to find out more!”

For the holiday sourpuss: If you prefer not to see the Top Four as holiday elves, perhaps you’d like to see them as grinches? Nole‘s Grinch name is Peevishtroll Selfishbottom. (src)


Marat’s Aussie Open look: Here’s Marat Safin‘s promo pic for the adidas Spring/Summer 2008 collection. He’s wearing the Competition Theme Polo. (pwp, via / bubble)

La Jolla wants in: The owner of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (in San Diego, Calif.) wants to play host for the Fed Cup tie between the U.S. and Germany. In the story, the event was described as a “women’s Davis Cup”. Sadly, to most people, that metaphor won’t help. (TSDUT)

Brad’s a talker: John McEnroe chimes in on why Brad Gilbert and Andy Murray parted ways. One possible reason is Gilbert’s non-stop yapping. (Telegraph)


One Response to “short balls: more banana, marat’s aussie open shirt, translating kolya”

  1. Entertainment News Says:

    its will good to see moya and safin and hewitt this time!

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