tattoo watch: janko + arthur schopenhauer



The intricate tattoos on Janko Tipsarevic‘s back are apparently courtesy of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, or so said Ted Robinson during Janko’s 2007 U.S. Open match against Rafael Nadal.

Watch the clip (from USA’s Open coverage) here.

>> tattoo watch: janko’s right arm
>> janko’s tattoos at wimbledon
>> tattoo (and piercings) watch: janko tipsarevic


4 Responses to “tattoo watch: janko + arthur schopenhauer”

  1. Maya Says:

    When he goes to pull down his shorts a bit! Yikes…..

    Janko is the hottest guy on the tour. Tats, piercings, and all.

  2. Dunja Says:

    Extra mu je tetovaza,bas mi se svidja….

  3. Al@Tattoos gallery Says:

    Nice site, I have added it to my favourites, greetings

  4. Love ya, Artie!! « A Tattooed Philosopher's Blog …. Says:

    […] I say decorated because not only is he a great young player, but he’s got a fair bit of ink … very interesting tattoos. Two of which interest me most: he has a quote by Dostoyevsky on […]

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