fashion focus: for australia, roger and nike stick to what they know



Tennis Week‘s Richard Pagliaro confirmed what TSF had culled from the tennis boards as Roger Federer‘s Aussie Open gear for 2008. (Hmm, does anyone else think it weird that these preview pics have Roger playing on clay?)


The “down home” tourney is never one for flair; players are coming back from their short breaks, taking it slow as they amp up for a full season. This same sentiment translates to Federer’s clothes. According to Pagliaro, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield wanted to “combine the simplicity and elegance of Federer’s playing style with a strong athletic feel and design aesthetic”. Uhh PR quotes can be so awkward sometimes. Translate: they’re going back to basics.

Roger’s shirt will come in shades of blue and black (much like his 2006 U.S. Open day and evening shirts). Same construction rules apply: the button placket has a no-sew seam and the “RF” logo running down the back will double as ventilation.

Shoes and bandana: A look at his Vapor IVs after the cut…


His Vapor IVs should come in this above color scheme, likely decorated with kangaroos (to commemorate his past Aussie singles titles).

And an early discussion board thread gave Roger a bandana with stripes (recalling his shirt from last year’s Aussie Open). Pagliaro’s photo shows Federer in solid blue and grey. Much better choice.

(images via Talk Tennis and

TSF’s 2008 fashion preview



One Response to “fashion focus: for australia, roger and nike stick to what they know”

  1. FoT Says:

    I love the fact that Nike is giving Roger ‘special’ preference for his tournaments. I look forward seeing what he will be wearing! It’s not all about the ladies fashion! Now if we only can get the other men on board with at least clothes that fits!

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