fashion focus: ellesse men’s holiday ’07 line



The casual collection of Ellesse doesn’t see much action stateside, so we had to mine a Japanese distributor‘s site to see the Italian company’s holiday collection.

Bundle up: See picks from the men’s collection after the cut…


Browse: The images above came from Goldwin. We’re big fans of that red/white/blue retro colorway. See images of cute striped holiday accessories here (beanies, socks, scarves).

On the court: Ellesse has tennis performance lines, too (men‘s and women‘s). Both are ho-hum save for the Barca Pleated Skirt ($53.99).

One Response to “fashion focus: ellesse men’s holiday ’07 line”

  1. Stephanie Myles Says:

    The Basciano skirt is a winner, too.
    The white pleated underskirt is detchable (hooks on the inside) and it looks really great flowing around as you dash around the court.

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