‘merry christmas!’ from the atp, part deux



The ATP got a bunch of the guys to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ on camera. They’re such good sports… Many of them didn’t even know the lyrics to the American Christmas song, but they played along anyway.

Jarkko Nieminen has trouble with the word “dashing”, Marcos Baghdatis discovers a discrepancy in the song’s rhyming scheme; and Mardy Fish feels a little lost singing a version of it without the word “Batmobile”.

But they all work through it. Ivo Karlovic carries a lot of the song, as do the Bryans and Tommy Robredo (can he visit me on Christmas morning?). Andy Murray and his shag make a brief appearance, too.

And of course what ATP bit would be complete without prom queen Roger Federer, who swoops in all suave at the end, greeting the viewers “a merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

Hmmmmm, where was Nole during all this? He would’ve given us a shirtless carol, no doubt.

Watch it: ‘Jingle Bells’, by the ATP Tour.

>> “happy holidays” from the atp top four
>> roger’s home movie in gillette’s holiday ad


5 Responses to “‘merry christmas!’ from the atp, part deux”

  1. Miguelito Says:

    Andy from the front…

    …bad news. Very Scottish looking teeth.

  2. Thylacine Says:

    Andy Murray: Jingle Bellsssssssssessss!

    *Runs off after the ring*

  3. butter Says:

    oh gahd, TOMMY ROBREDOOOOOO IS HOOOOOT! I don’t care if he pronounce “sleigh” as “slahy” he can sing this anytime.

  4. Anna Says:

    Oh Jarkko, you are too cute for words.

    Not sure why, but I googled Tommy for photos – http://www.fotografias.net/wp-content/uploads/1182296416.jpg – melt…

  5. dance-a-vic Says:

    Jarkko cleans up nice. Meow!
    Andy needs to spend some of that tour cash on those Trainspotting teeth. Yikes.

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