asb classic’s podcasting


If you want to mix up your ingestion of tennis media, consider the podcasts coming out of the ASB Classic. Kevin Sinnott and James McOnie — the ASB Wildcards — chat with the women participating in the tourney about everything under the sun.


They interviewed Camille Pin on Day 1, and we find out about her love of scuba diving. (SEWTA did a photo shoot with her during last year’s Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, above.)

And on Day 2 they talked to a very engaging Tamira Paszek about New Zealand’s coffee, Austrian cuisine (apparently, Kässpätzle is delicious), and her rusty hairclips.

Listen: You can keep up with the podcasts here or subscribe via RSS.



3 Responses to “asb classic’s podcasting”

  1. Follow ASB Classic: watch matches live on the internet, read Yellowballin’, and listen to podcast | ASB Classic Says:

    […] And finally, there is the ASB Classic’s podcast. Kevin Sinnott and James McOnie, the ASB Wildcards, chat on various topics with the women participating in the tournament. So far, they’ve interviewed Camille Pin and Tamira Paszek. We’ve discovered Camille’s love of scuba diving, while Tamira tells us about her rusty hairclips, New Zealand’s coffee and Austrian cuisine. (sources: On the Baseline, Tennis Served Fresh) […]

  2. Camille Pin, French Tennis Star | Says:

    […] big she uses I-95 for a Slip ‘n Slide – Canada America’s Hat – $17.99 – BustedTees.comCamille Pin likes to scuba dive. Popularity: 1% […]

  3. ralf Says:

    New pics of Camille Pin:

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