fashion focus: agnes szavay’s fila separates



Agnes Szavay didn’t have much chance to show off her new Fila outfits in singles matches at the Mondial Australian Women’s Hardcourts, but she took full advantage of a showcase through doubles (with partner Dinara Safina).

The spring colors are white, black, and red. Fila moves away from the circles that dominated the 2007 line, and instead moves towards vertical and diagonal pinstripes. Not quite as feminine as her Makany dresses, but we’re not disappointed.

(What do you think of Agi’s Fila look so far? Tell us!)

If you’re jonesin’: The pieces are not yet available through online retailers as of this posting, but of course we’ll alert you when it happens.


3 Responses to “fashion focus: agnes szavay’s fila separates”

  1. Topaz Says:

    Ohhh, I loved her Makany dresses so much, and personally, I’m not digging the Fila lately. I’m sure, for her, it is great to have a clothing sponsor, but I loved the originality and elegance of the dresses.

  2. BECHEMILH Says:


    i live in france, and i want to buy the agnes ‘ tennis dresses. it’s a very beautifull collection

    where can i find yours produkts in my country

    thanks for your answer; have a good day

    Dom ( excuse my english)

  3. Erwin Says:

    Hey there — a quick look at the Fila website brought up this info for their corporate office in France:

    Fila France S.A.
    “Challenge 92”
    87, Avenue Francois Arago
    92017 Nanterre Cedex – FRANCE
    Tel. +33 1 5517 8200
    Fax +33 1 5517 8250

    Maybe you can give them a call?

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