djokovic: paradorn has best body on tour



The Guardian interviewed Novak Djokovic in the days leading to the NAJJ Srbije tennis exhibition in early December.

Among other things, he talked about who he thinks has the best body on the ATP tour:

[Nole] pauses to consider this quite seriously. “Oh. Whooh. I would say, for sure, Paradorn Srichaphan. He has not been playing and I haven’t seen him for a while. But he still has the best body in men’s tennis.” Better than Rafa? “Rafa? No, no… I don’t like bodies like Rafa’s.”

At least as far as ho-humming Nadal, Nole and I share the same taste…

Read up: Ana Ivanovic also got some ink. Catch the full story here.

(Guardian; photo by Matichon via CoolBALL)


4 Responses to “djokovic: paradorn has best body on tour”

  1. Colette Says:

    Love the comment re Nadal!

    I nominate Nole’s own but then I am shamelessly biased…

  2. butter Says:

    damn, never knew someone wouldn’t like Rafa’s bod

  3. prayingmantis Says:

    nole oh nole!! you’re the cause of my torment; a perpetual endurance which subjects me into a formidable condition known as “nocturnal emission syndrome” happening during my sleep dreaming of you!!! and seeing your comments on the beauty of your fellow tennis players; makes my heart filled with

  4. Andre Ducard Says:

    He looked like a big Bruce Lee..cut,no body fat.

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