jnp’s aussie open thoughts: the williams sisters aren’t at 100%, davenport won’t go far, and paszek gets screwed


As you may already know, I leave the bracketology to the experts. So now that the Australian Open draws have been announced (see them here), I asked JNP to weigh in. Here’s what he wrote back:

“I filled out my womens bracket last night here’s what I ended up with:

Henin beats Sharapova in the quarters and Vaidisova in the semis, and she’ll face Kuznetsova in the finals…

Sveta will get there by beating Chakvetadze in the quarters and Ivanovic in the semis (so I picked the favorites for the most part, but I would not be suprised if some newcomer goes deep)…

I’m doubting the Williams sisters are 100%…

Paszek got f***ed over in the draw; she has to face Jankovic in the first round…

The most interesting match on paper is Sharapova vs. Davenport in the second round. I don’t see Davenport going far, not when she has to play Sharapova that early…

Lastly, I think Radwanska, Wheeler, and all the qualifiers have a real shot to upset some of the top players.

Oh, and I like Federer‘s chances.

YOUR predictions: Who do you think is ripe for success Down Under? Who’s ready to get upset? Which match-ups are you looking forward to? Tell us!


5 Responses to “jnp’s aussie open thoughts: the williams sisters aren’t at 100%, davenport won’t go far, and paszek gets screwed”

  1. Marija Says:

    Taking into account Jankovic’s current fitness, I would rather say she is f***ed over in the draw because she will face Paszek in the first round. Definitely an interesting first round match.

  2. albert Says:

    Are the Williams sisters ever 100%? Are any of them 100% When both the sisters won their slams last year no one gave them a chance in hell to win. Anything can happen. I will take a wait and see attitude. Nice website.

  3. Richard Says:

    I’ll take Li Na over Venus and Ivanovic (assuming the latter even makes the QF) if her body doesn’t randomly break down again.

    Sharapova is 4-1 over Davenport, with the double bagel loss at Indian Wells being the blemish, I don’t think the matchup would be noteworthy, Sharapova crushes mom in straight sets. Henin’s last two victories were 6-4 in the third, against the less experienced Ivanovic and the mentally fragile Kuzy. Sharapova is better in both departments and will beat Henin.

    Jankovic vs. Serena is tough. Whoever is not as injured goes through.

    Cakewalk for Kuznetsova, Anna C. will have a tough time winning her early rounders:

    Sharapova def. Jankovic
    Kuznetsova def. Li

    Sharapova def. Kuznetsova

    nice website by the way! i’m definitely a fan of this blog now! 🙂

  4. laura Says:

    Henin seems unbeatable lately. She’ll get the title for sure, unless she gets injured. As far as the guys..sigh..Federer will take it..again. I wish Nole would, but he faces a tough “sophomore year” (someday, though).

  5. Chris Says:

    I don’t see chakvetatzde going far, she might even blow out in the first round. I bet on surprises by Na Li and Golovin, the latter will give henin the challenge of the tournament in round of last 16.
    As for davenport, I wouldn’t underestimate her, she’s fit, mentally stronger than before and sharapova hasn’t come through easily in all her 4 wins, it’s always been a battle (except for the double bagle at indian wells – the one for davenport).
    I see semifinals with henin, probably serena or an underdog, let’s say razzano, ivanovic and kuznetsova (who again got the perfect draw, how silly!).

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