in the second round, a match worthy of a fashion final


If TSF had our way, the later rounds of a Slam would have great tennis and great fashion. Sometimes, that doesn’t work out (ahem, Justine Henin), like the case of the second round match between 27th seed Maria Kirilenko and Akiko Morigami.

Maria blew Akiko out of the water 6-1, 6-1 in a second round match at the Australian Open, and could put up a fight against the not-quite-100% Anna Chakvetadze on Saturday.

The fashion scoreline was a lot closer, though. Maria passes muster (mustard?) by representing the earth tones hit week. She brings out a pleated skirt and white tank — both part of the the Spring line from adidas by Stella McCarthey. The yellow is a refreshing change from all the other women wearing various shades of pinks and purples this fortnight.

In the other corner…: And Akiko, who celebrated her 28th birthday last Saturday, previews the new Spring line from Fila Japan. Her outfit plays with pink and ruffles (at the sleeves) and and stays sporty with thick horizontal stripes of black, white, and red.

Whose outfit do you prefer? Tell us!

Hold your horses: The adidas spring line won’t drop for another few weeks (February). In the meantime, you can get your fix by raiding the Fall/Winter clearance. The tennis skirt ($60) is my pick. Browse the rest of the goods here.

And same goes for Fila Japan. They’re still in winter mode on the interwebs. We’ll make sure to update you when everything’s ripe for the picking.

(photos by Getty Images)

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6 Responses to “in the second round, a match worthy of a fashion final”

  1. Marija Says:

    Amazing design by Stella McCarthey! Kirilenko always looks good, I’m a real fan of her style. Right now, I’m parted between Kirilenko and Sharapova. Sharapova always wears unique outfits with some special story behind them (hm, except for her current Aussie Open dress), and Kirilenko wears exceptionally beautiful clothing too.

  2. Nick McCarvel Says:

    I’m LOVING Kirilenko’s style right now! But I’ll agree with Marija, she always looks good. I’m really hopeful she can beat I-love-to-shop-and-play-with-kittys-and-did-you-know-I-was-robbed? Anna tomorrow! It’s time for Kiri to break through.

  3. Fran Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stella McCartney outfit! Some of it seems too rigid to play effective tennis but this beats anything I’ve seen on the ladies in Australia. What a great shot of color!

  4. rafael Says:

    maria k always looks so hot! she just beat chaky! i hope she reach the top 20 this year!

  5. Nick McCarvel Says:

    I agree Rafael! What a big win over Anna C. GO MK!

  6. The Short-Lived Life Of The Stella McCartney Dress | TennisGrandstand Says:

    […] Kirilenko switches from the separates to the sold-out Tennis Dress from adidas by Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2008 […]

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