fashion: finally, sania shines in adidas!


Does anyone feel like we’re going though tennis storylines faster than the clackers go through handbags? (Btw, if you don’t want to buy, you can always rent…) In the olden days, we’d still be debating whether Martina Hingis was really reckless enough to do blow at Wimbledon. (Imagine her snorting the lines from her Venus Rosewater dishes!) But fear not, Swiss Miss. You can stay safely in retirement. First, the publicists are doing their jobs; in the SEWTA media guide, there’s no indication of why you retired the second time. Second, we’ve since replaced you with other scandalous bits, like Sania Mirza‘s latest run-in with Indian officials.

Apparently, someone filed a complaint after seeing this photo of Sania at the Hopman Cup with her bare feet almost touching the Indian flag. This is in violation of the country’s Prevention of Insult to the National Honour Act, but not in violation of the Harass Athletes Proudly Representing Your Country Act. Uhh, have you seen the picture? It’s called depth perception, folks. Figure it out. I’m more over this than Masha is over Nole‘s impersonations.

But since we’re talking about grievances, I totally had beef with Sania’s pre-Aussie Open adidas gear. I had high hopes, wanting her to break free from Lotto, but instead she played in some standard issue three-stripes from her new clothing sponsor.

Alas, all I had to do was wait, because she’s been rocking the s**t out of this Edge Cap Sleeve Top. It flows and works well with her sizeable rack.

Up next for Sania is Venus Williams in the third round.


20 Responses to “fashion: finally, sania shines in adidas!”

  1. Erwin Says:

    Okay, so that photo of Sania and flag might not necessarily be the one in question, but still… everyone needs to lighten up!

  2. Foot Lover Says:

    Those are some pretty feet! Very kissable!!!

  3. Bharath Says:

    help her in success. if else stay calm

  4. raj Says:

    it is a mistake of photographer

  5. cartoon Says:

    this is really not good thing to keep foot near the national flag…. this is not the mistake of photographer…

  6. rit Says:

    I dont think it is an intention. will anybody ask the man behind the camera…whats the truth.. 😐 !! A sports person loves her country far much than any layman….

  7. chandu Says:

    May be miatske of photographer but she should have a minimum respect to the indian flag that she should never or ever keep her feet towards the flag

    and as sports person loves her country far much than any layman….she is playing tennis for her own passion and money

    surely very ridiculous attitude keeping feet towards the flag

  8. Angel Bera Says:

    How can she do this? She is an International representative for her India. What a shame……………..!!!!!!!!

  9. killu Says:

    Sania is our national asset. She can not do this.People should beat photographar.

  10. ram Says:

    Wether the photographer have taken the photo or not is immaterial.!!
    The point is that one should have at least primary respect towards his/her country.
    I believe she wouldn’t do that if it was some other country flag.

    She should be ashamed or probably ask sorry in the national event day and former Honered president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for the miss dead that she has done.

    I Thing not even a tribe in India would do this>>

    Bad on Our part friends, that we encourage moral less people as our representatives.

  11. Bee Says:

    At the moment she probably has the sexiest feet in the world. Her toes are perfect and are very suckable. Don’t know what the fuss is all about to be honest, I don’t see why people can’t appreciate beauty as is Sania’s incredible toes.

    • indian Says:

      The fuss is that sania pretty “F***in’ feet is next to the our flag. Her so called perfect feet should have shoved up ur A**

  12. mandeep Says:

    that’s bad menurs to saniya. aap ko respect dene chiyea is flag ko, hamare javan apne jaan de dete hai is ko uper uttane k liye or aap

  13. Radika Bharatia Says:

    Sania Mirza is like this we know from before. Even Pakistanis are better from us as they respect their country and flag but we ……….

  14. Ezaz Says:

    saniya has no more knowledge of nationality of our country. she wanted always like a popularity of her activity..

  15. Ajit Says:

    saniya never loved her country, if she loved india then why saniya marreged to other country man.

  16. saniadevotee Says:

    Sania is a goddess and she is blessing our indian flag by keeping her divine feet on it……. i bow down to the greatness of goddess sania ….

  17. indian Says:

    @saniadevotee- Wat d f*** do u mean? Pppl lyk u must be shoved down the toilet & flushed coz there is where u belong. Its a good thing i dnt know ur address or who u r else i would have burnt u alive

  18. arjun Says:

    if this is a real foto…then my opinion is sania is no more supposed to play tennis with that damn feet…we shall chop it off!!!!!kill the f***ing vampire!!!

  19. hiten Says:

    no one indian make this mistek

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